MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Bringing home the light

Vaclav gets lost in a maze and gets a new sword

Master Teryn gave us a task to pick up the sword of someone called Vartis Temly. Seems easy enough, except this guy pissed off the Lady of Sigil. I guess if you’re going to upset someone it shouldn’t be the all powerful being who rules the world but what do I know. Apparently Vartis tried to take over all of Sigil.

I got problems just trying to feed myself and staying alive. Can you imagine how dangerous you need to be to feed all these people? So Vartis wants to take over since he’s a member of the Expansionists, seems like he’s a dumbass. But Teryn wants us to recover his sword, the “Lightbringer.” Guess it made him a bad ass. Apparently not enough of one if the Lady locked him up in the maze.

I was daydreaming about the sword when Teryn told us how to get into the inescapable maze, something to do with a honey drenched rose by the balor or something like that. Luckily Arsyn paid attention and in short time we were inside.

The maze was well… it was a maze. You’d expect something designed by the Lady of Pain to be horrific pain inducing nightmare where every step brought mortal terror. It was terrible alright, terribly boring. I mean the most painful thing the maze might bring is an acute sense of boredom. Watch out, you might get a splinter from opening a door. At least there were others inside who wanted the sword as well. I got a beautiful new silvered sword and Jericho got some heavily adorned plate. These things are real beauties, people will definitely notice them and know we’re from the 42nd.

We find Vertis and talk him into giving us his sword if we get him out. Seems like a good deal for everyone except the Wemics and Cambion waiting for us by the escape portal. Luckily I’m so quick that I run through the portal before things got to dangerous. Unfortunately that damn Cambion decides to chase me through the portal and all through Sigil. Let me tell you that outrunning balls of flaming fire gives one new appreciation for being fast. I think the rest of the company needs to get as quick as I am or they won’t survive.


mdg2238 Patticus

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