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Jericho's Log - Session #5

"Anybody seen a dead dwarf?"

Dear Mother,

Another great day has passed in the Lancers!

I’m sorry. I know you hate it when I’m sarcastic. It’s just that some of these jobs we’re given seem to be random nonsense. The Grandmaster called us in to do a job, so I thought we were going to get assigned to something epic. Turned out that we were to find a dead dwarf. Or more specifically, the spirit of a dead dwarf. I was confused at first…don’t all dead souls go to the Fugue Plain to be claimed by their gods? Certainly it would be difficult for most to pinpoint a specific soul in Lord Kelemvor’s endless realm. Fortunately, I thought, I know how this game works and it’ll be easy picking! Alas, the rules, it seems are different here in Sigil.

It appears that the rules of ascension are different than I’ve been taught. This particular dwarf was to be shuttled to “dwarf heaven” or some such place. Based on where we ended up on the first leg of our journey, it did indeed appear to be the paradise of our stout friends. There was much drinking and brawling around us. My colleague Vaclav channelled his inner-dwarf and thoroughly enjoyed himself while the rest of us set to work finding our wayward charge. Apparently, he got misdirected and instead ended up in a prison plane of some kind.

This confuses and bothers me, mother. We were taught that Lord Kelemvor shepherds the souls to the Fugue Plain so they may be claimed by their gods. Surely, our great Lord couldn’t be so careless as to “lose” a soul? Logic would dictate one of two conclusions. Either Lord Kelemvor does not shepherd souls, I thought that I find very distressing, or the rules of ascension are different in various realms. This troubled me on our mission, but I kept my thoughts private until I could sort them out.

We proceeded to follow the dwarf soul’s trail to Carceri, the prison plane. If there was an alternate analogue to the Fugue Plain, mother, it’s Carceri. It’s a blasted, hellish landscape no sane individual would want to spend their eternity. After a fruitless attempt at information gathering in the small town we arrived in, we trekked across the country, following Adolamin Jizaihō‘s tracking skills. It took us far longer than I expected and we were forced to spend the night before setting out again in the morning. I didn’t relish the idea of sleeping under the blasted skies of this terrible place, but fortunately Sindri Folkor had a spell handy to create a sort of bubble in which we could sleep peacefully.

During my watch, I saw what appeared to be an emaciated human with the head of a wolf or hyena walking towards us. Curious, I stepped out to speak with the creature, but kept a hand on my sword. It seems it was starving and desperately wanted gnome meat. I told it to be on its way, as I had no intention of it snacking on little Sindri. Wouldn’t you know, during his watch, the creature returned and Sindri chose to speak with it himself! Had I been awake, I’d have never let him do it! Fortunately, discretion won out and the event passed without incident.

Eventually we tracked the dwarf’s soul to a massive building complex made of pure white stone. It turned out to be a temple to the titan Cryus. I’d never heard of such a creature, but I’m learning now that I don’t know nearly as much as I thought I did about the multiverse. While the architecture was clearly designed for the great Cryus’ physical attributes, considerations were made for us smaller races as well, which was most fortunate.

We were welcomed into the temple by monks and when we asked about the dwarf, we were led to a chamber to wait for an audience with someone (Cryus?). The room was absolutely silent and there was a fog or mist that prevented us from seeing more than a few feet in any direction. Vox Tagleon scouted the perimeter of the room, but we found nothing useful. After several minutes, we tired of waiting and left the room.

We were about to wander through the temple when a guard confronted us. Vaclav and I managed to force him into the silent room and together we barred the door while the rest of the party searched for the dwarf. It wasn’t hard work, though being vigilant for more guards was a bit taxing. Vaclav and I had a good talk while we were waiting though. While somewhat rough around the edges, he’s not a bad guy. We might’ve bonded a bit too.

After about a half hour, the rest of the guys came back with the dwarf in tow. We tried making our way out of the temple quietly, but were caught by the guard and some monks. We didn’t want to risk a prolonged fight, so Sindri cast a prismatic spray, stunning most of the monks, and I used Lord Kelemvor’s commanding power to root another in place. We had to do some light fighting to subdue the remaining foes, but made our way out of the temple without bloodshed or significant incident.

We brought the dwarf back to the Grandmaster and as we left I heard them speaking about the dwarf’s ascension. I’m not really sure what that was all about, but I honestly don’t believe it was worth the effort of this talented group of soldiers.

This experience did have one benefit though. While my faith in my god remains unshaken, it’s clear that I don’t know all I need to know regarding the planes and my (our) place in them. I need to speak with other clergymen and paladins of other deities to gain a better understanding of the multiverse.


mdg2238 ClanBattlerage

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