MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Jericho's Log - Session #6

"It's a nice hat when it's not devouring your soul..."

Dear Mother,

You may recall that in one of our previous adventures, we faced off against a major demon or something and picked up its equipment when we defeated the fiend. Well, as it turns out, the helm that Adolamin picked up from it is cursed. HARD. Sindri tried using a Remove Curse spell on it and was nearly blasted out of his shoes! I have no small amount of respect for our diminutive wizard, so if he couldn’t clean it, then you know it’s got some nasty mojo going on.

Fortunately, Master Queale was available at the temple. However, when we approached him regarding the item, he seemed genuinely concerned about its power. He and the acolytes attempted a remove curse ritual, but were also foiled by the artifact’s magic. I’ve never seen the old priest so stricken! Truly this is a powerful magic item.

Sindri and Vox did some research and we found that the item contains the soul or essence of the demon that created it; one Hertonzaguld. I’m concerned about this item, mother. If a demon capable of creating an artifact was unable to control it enough to prevent its creation from consuming it, then will we have what it takes to destroy it? We decided to investigate the demon at one of the local “demon bars” down in the bad part of town. I was hesitant to go back into that den of hell, but the greater good demanded it.

I’ll spare you the details of it mother. Essentially, our attempts at a “diplomatic” solution failed utterly and we barely escaped unscathed. We hear the barkeep mention the crazy old fool “Rule of Three” before we left. It seems he knows more than his reputation would imply. We visited him and were again redirected to another colorful individual named the “Master of Bones.” Oh yes mother, THAT one.

To this day I don’t know if he accumulates his bones willingly or otherwise. Either way, as useful a resource as he may be, the Master’s efforts fly directly in the face of our Lord’s directive! Still, I suppose if these souls are willing to become part of the Master’s menagerie willingly, then who am I to judge what they do with their afterlife? Still, I had to resist the urge to torch the place to the ground on principle alone.

Fortunately, the Master happened to have the skull of the only sage ever to survive getting rid of the helm. Apparently it’s too powerful to be outright destroyed, so the curse must be interrupted instead. We have to jump through the typical hoops one would expect of breaking an artifact. We had to steal gold from a Baatazu, which Vox was able to do rather easily, surprisingly. We also had to acquire tears from a succubus. I was at a loss as to how such a soulless beast as one of those devils could possibly squeeze out tears, but somehow Sindri managed it behind closed doors. He seemed…changed…when he came out. I hope the little guy is okay.

Finally, we have to take the helm, gold, and tears up to the source of the River Oceanus and douse the helm in its waters while filled with the gold and tears. Who comes up with these procedures anyhow? I fear I’ll never understand the art of magical item creation.

We proceeded to the Ditch to find a ferryman to take us across the planes to Oceanus’ source, but were ambushed when we got there! It seems that someone else wants the helm as well. We easily dispatched the cretinous wretches who bothered us. They appeared to be wererats or something along those lines. Filthy beasts, those.

Now we simply have to wait for the ferryman. Vox is sitting at the end of the pier singing some terrible, yet oddly catchy tune. It sounds religious in an oddly dark, blue way. Come to think of it, I have a taste for seafood now. What’s that about?

I must go now, mother. Vaclav seems to have gotten himself infected with something from the fight. I must attend to his wounds.


mdg2238 ClanBattlerage

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