MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Jericho's Log - Session #7

Ah, to the Hells with this...

Dear Mother,

We continued our trek to remove the curse from Adolamin’s helm. It was a nightmarish journey through the lower planes, including Gehenna, where we fought some nasty demons that infected me with a poison that weakened my soul for a short time. We progressed through Pandemonium, during which time our barbarian began acting odd. Well, odd for him anyway. Panting and acting very anxious.

We continued along the river Styx, following the boatman as he (it?) led us onward. We had no idea where we were going, so we were at the full mercy of the creature’s whims. I have to say that I wasn’t happy with that feeling at all. Still, it didn’t lead us astray. We progressed by foot once we hit the river’s terminus and went through the Bog of Somnianus, where we encountered a group of lizardmen. I thought a fight was afoot, so I attempted to intervene on the party’s behalf. I tried negotiating with the chieftain of the brutes, but he still demanded a sack full of gold for our passage. The others, being impatient, chose to pay without preamble and we continued on our way.

Eventually, we came across the town of Sylvania, which was quite wonderful and reminded me of some of the parties you and father drug me to when I was young. Vaclav partied quite a bit while we took a respite and came out no worse for wear. We continued down through the Beastlands where it was continually noon. Vaclav began really acting strangely. I began to suspect that something was amiss with the big guy.

Soon, the ever-noon plane gave way to eternal dusk. It was here where the moon was full that Vaclav’s condition showed his…er…its ugly head. Lycanthropy!!! He must have contracted it when we fought the rat men at the start of our journey. I tried to use Lord Kelemvor’s grace to cleanse the stain from the man’s body, but the condition appeared to be magical in some way. He went berserk and rampaged about, knocking us to and fro until Sindri broke out Plan Delta again. I was teleported high into the air and landed upon the raging barbarian. We managed to subdue him and tie him up until we could deal with his affliction properly. I must say that it made for an interesting break to the monotony of the journey!

Finally, we made it to Elysium and Thylasia, the source of the Oceanus. At the headwaters stood a regal angel, brilliant in its resplendent attire. You could virtually feel the divinity radiating from it. It must have been a small taste of what it’s like to truly gaze upon the face of a god. Alas, this angel was far from accommodating, however.

Even though our quest was just and righteous, the angel refused to allow us to sully the headwaters with the helm’s evil. We pleaded and cajoled but eventually, Vox managed to sneak the necessary components to Adolamin and he was able to weaken the curse’s magic enough to be rid of the blasted helm. Naturally, the angel was not amused, but we managed to escape before it could do anything to us.

I must say mother, that this trip brought me closer to my faith than I’d been in years of study and practice. Seeing all the other planes firsthand was a joy and reminded me of the vast wonders that exist in the multiverse. I’m glad that I chose to follow our Lord, since his domain of Death is the only true constant in the vast planes. While we ventured through the various aspects of the world, it occurred to me if one followed a god of Nature, or the Sun, or Knowledge, one could easily have that aspect denied them. They could be forced to live in cities, or the Underdark, or in a land where there are no books or sages. Yet to follow the master of Death is simply to experience all that life has to offer, knowing that no matter what happens, eventually I shall encounter my god at my final journey’s end.

This journey has renewed my faith even further and I ache for the opportunity to serve my Lord on even greater tasks!


mdg2238 ClanBattlerage

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