MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Session 1 - Adolamin's Log

Tour of Sigil, The Start of Something More

We received a tasking from the 42nd legion to collect several items. We were given 200 gold and 2 days to get a bolt of silk, book of law, gray rose, cauldron, funeral shroud, chaos poem, memory stone, and training certificate. The four of us headed out from the guild hall.

The silk we got from a merchant after completing a small task for her than involved selling flaming sock bottles to the Harmonium. Our wizard and his apprentice requisitioned the law book for us from the court district. The bard then told a sob story to one of the prison guards to acquire us a gray rose. We swung by the foundry and had one of the locals deliver the cauldron to the guild house for us, figuring it was better then lugging it around and easy enough to get another if they proved untrustworthy.

We headed over to the Mortuary for a funeral shroud. I acquired it from someone who graciously traded it for my finely crafted blanket. The chaos poem we got by transcribing a live-action performance by then in a local pub. The bard, as a member of the Sensates, produced the memory stone for us. We then finished up by demonstrating to the folks at the Gymnasium how members of the 42nd legion fight demons, in exchange for the training certificate.

We completed all of this in under 1 day and well within budget. Upon return to the guild hall we were given our reward and notified that we were also being promoted to knights of Platoon F, as they has recently suffered some losses.



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