MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Session 2 - Adolamin's Log

Sunlight waters and sandy beaches... not so much

Our first real mission as Knights of the 42nd Legion. The 42nd Legion had received a request to rescue a young girl by the name of Beatrice from the fortress of a devil lord named Bel located in the first level of Baator, Avernus. She was apparently a daughter of one of the factals (of the Godsmen) and was being used as a bargaining chip and blackmail. Indications were that Bel was marching to war and this would be the Legion’s best chance to infiltrate without him being there. Company F, ours, was tasked with the recovery.

We did some basic preparations and found a way to Avernus by way of a portal located in an abandoned wizard’s tower (apparently the Lady of Pain didn’t like him opening portals to the Abys), though we lacked the means of returning. We also received two additional, and conflicting, requests. One from the Bleak Cabal to rescue a cousin of one of their factals who’d also been captured by Bel’s forces and another from the Sinners to leave him there.

We traveled through the portal in the tower to Avernus where we encountered a Spinagon (Spined Devil) named Howitzer that we questioned for information. We didn’t kill him but some of our members were a little… extreme on making sure he wouldn’t tell anyone we were there. In preparation for our departure we got information from him on how to leave and he informed us of a witch that might be able to help us.

Using his information we began our trek across the wasted land and across a river of blood, which we had to ford (apparently devils don’t need or build bridges… at least around there). We came to her cave in the base of the 1st mountain by the River of Blood and were able to convince her we weren’t devils. She told us the she didn’t know the way out but to ask the Pillar of Skulls and directed there. She also asked us for Liscveet grass and bat skulls but we had none.

After crossing the river of blood we came to the Pillar of skulls and, after some talking and a short fight, traded some devils for the information on how to get out. We were informed about the Pit Fiend portal and that the key was a brick from the yellow brick road, the Averness Road. Armed with this information we checked on the fortress to find the forces still amassing, so we investigated the portal. The guardian there said he’d let us pass if we brought his orb through with us, stating it wouldn’t harm us directly… We didn’t agree to at the time and told him we’d consider.

Returning to the fortress we saw the forces, led by Bel, head out. After getting some of the bricks for our departure, we snuck in through the back of the fortress (for the most part) and were able to quickly find both hostages. Though we did want to do the Sinners a favor, we couldn’t leave the lad to his fate so we rescued both and made our escape.

We moved with haste toward the portal out. Several of our members made it through before the guardian had a chance to act. I had no intention of taking his orb, who knows what it would do, but one of our members took it and went through before I could do anything about it. There were no signs of it on the other side.

We escorted the hostages back to their respective contacts and completed our first real mission as Knights of the 42nd Legion’s F Company.


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