MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Session 3 - Adolamin's Log

A Maze Zing

We were given a task from the 42nd Legion itself to recover a famed flaming sword of Vardis Timlen from the depths of one the Lady of Pain’s mazes. The 42nd Legion had known the location of the maze’s entrance for some time but had just found the means of leaving it. We were provided exacting instructions on both how to enter and how to leave the maze.

After gathering up our gear we proceeded to travel through Sigil and enter the maze without incident. Once there we proceeded to track/wander our way through the maze, marking our paths as we went (eventually using chalk). We kept taking the right most new path but the turns didn’t seem to add up right…

Eventually we can to a central chamber, the one that our directions on our departure started us from, and happened upon another group looking for the sword. I think one of my companions called them Githyankei, or something. We came to blows and after a surprisingly tough fight were able to… solve our differences.

We proceeded to follow several paths from the room and, despite the logic of our travels, ended up re-entering the room through the original door each time. We came across several empty rooms, a storage room that somehow had the leftovers from our earlier fight, and eventually a room that appeared to be Vardis Timlen’s bedchamber. From there we were able to track him down by the noises he was making. We convinced him to trade his sword for us taking him out of the maze, though he wouldn’t give it up before then.

Then, following the directions we were given, we proceeded to take him to the exit. We had to fight another group after his sword on our way out, led by a nasty spell caster. Once they were defeated we make our way to the secret door to the room with the portal only to find yet another group already there waiting, a woman leading 4 cat-taurs creatures.

We tried negotiations but she kept just telling us to give her the sword. Eventually she must have ensorced one of our companions because he attacked us… namely trying to punch me in the nuts. We use magic to shroud the room in darkness and, with some dexterity and fumbling, made our way through the portal following our mysterious barbarian friend who took-off at full speed. The woman made it through before me and when I arrived neither her nor our barbarian were in sight. Since I was still be chased and punched at I made my way into the city and back to the barracks, where we all meetup and were able to present the sword to the 42nd Legion.

Latter, Vardis Timlen sent us a letter of gratitude and a magic flask for getting him out of the maze.


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