MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Session 4 - Adolamin's Log

Oh look, a fancy helmet...

Another task directly from the 42nd Legion. This time to recover an artifact before the demons can get it. The artifact supposedly has some sort of planes traveling capabilities that the demons covet. We were to essentially escort an archaeologist, Nevil Jarvin, who would do that actual recovery and bring it back. After-witch they would dissect it for better transportation and eventual study. I’m not sure I trust giving such a supposed powerful artifact over to this archaeologist but orders are orders. The artifact was located on the 5th layer of Asheron, Amodeus.

After gathering supplied, and cold weather gear, we proceeded to the portal to Amodeus with our archaeologist companion. There we were confronted with the cold frozen landscape of floating islands and ruins, witch we proceeded to cross.

Several island jumps latter led us into a race against the demon forces to get to the next island before it floated away. Being one of the more fleet-of-foot, I made it to the location of the final jump and proceeded to clear the way of the creatures in the area, some more frighting than their appearances would suggest. After a quick battle we clear the immediate area and made the jump to the next island witch turned out to be the ruins that contained our artifact, the planes-traveling ship that had seen better days. The archaeologist prepared his portal to transport us and the craft away while we arrayed ourselves to fight off the demons sure to come.

We were able to take care of most of the demons with only minor injuries and troubles (a well placed fireball helped). Then a large brute of a demon wielding a lighting sword and huge shield appeared. I ran into the fray, flanking our opponent, while others make use of their tactical positions.

Then he let our a huge roar, made a giant leap onto the top of some ruins, threw down his shield, and shot out a living wall of fire from the strange helm sitting atop his head. We moved to the fight to the top of the tower until we drove him off it. He leaped again, back onto the ground. Dropping his sword he began whipping a set of spiked chains around at us, that until then he had wrapped around himself. The battle moved back the the ground as we dodge his chains (mostly) until we were finally able to wear him down with our combined might of fist, sword, and magic.

The archaeologist was finishing his portal and told us to hurry. We grabbed what gear we could from our defeated foes and rushed back, making it barely in time to be whisked to what appeared to be a large barn. There they began their next task of disassembling the ship and carting it off, but our task was done. We made our way back to the Legion.

Turns out we removed a magic sword and helm. Unfortunately the helm I recovered was cursed. I will need to find a way to remove this curse and destroy this object of evil. Our paladin said that the members of his faith could help and I will need to seek their aid.


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