MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Session 5 - Adolamin's Log

Quiet Time

One of the grandmasters of the 42nd Lancers tasked us with a job. He needed information from a Dwarven sage by the name of Zarakook. It seemed that the sage had recently died, which meant we needed to visit the Dwarven afterlife to talk to him. The portal to the Dwarven Mountan (their afterlife) was at a blacksmith shop, utilizing a Dwarven wrought hammer as it’s key. We set out with our standard gear.

We bought the needed hammer from the shop itself and used to portal witch deposited us at the Dwarven afterlife of drinking located at the Dwarven Mountain, called the ‘Strong Ale Hall’. Getting directions to the Sage’s hall was proving problematic until our Barbarian was able to out-drink several Dwarves and get us a guide. After an.. interesting trip to the Dwarven hall of sagest, ‘Soot Hall’.

There we talked to the Dwarf in charge, Pyrish Churchip, who informed us that he had not seen our dwarf but that another had recently arrived that was supposed to go to the prison plane, ‘Carsceri’. They had thrown that person there and suggested that our dwarf may have gone there instead. He stated that if we were able to rescue Zarakook that he would owe us a favor and guided us to the portal.

Carsceri turned out to be a land of steep cliffs and sheer canyons. A stark break-taking scenery of many dangers. Our arrival was less than smooth as we drop-out onto a rope bridge over one of the many canyons, suspended between two halves of a small village. Fortunately we only ALMOST lost our paladin.

After buying some high quality drinks (they must have been for that price), and with the help of the drinking and diplomatic prowess of our barbarian companion, the generous barkeep informed us that the dwarf we’d followed had fallen off the bridge upon arrival (almost like our paladin) but that another dwarf had left the village earlier. We followed the only path out of the village, witch showed traces of recent passage.

The guard of the bridge out verified that a dwarf had passed. Possibly because she didn’t trust us or because she was not fully trustworthy herself, she requested payment for passage while threatening to cut the rope bridge out of town. Seeing as a toll was not wholly unreasonable, we paid (by dropping the monies at her feet) and proceed down the path.

We came to several forks in the path. One with a giant who was looking for another giant. We were able to direct her to the right path, going by the large tracks that way, as we followed dwarf like tracks to the left. At the next fork we saw dwarf-like tracks to the right but decided to camp for the night. During the night a bedraggled wolf-headed humanoid passed by. We talked and gave her some food but otherwise the night passed without indecent and we continued down the right path the next morning.

The trail led to a Temple of the Titan Cryas. After convincing the guards we were there to donate, we were led to a odd room that seemed to restrict vision and eliminate all sound. We knocked that single guard to the room out long enough for us to shut him inside. The paladin and barbarian kept him in while the rest of us searched for the dwarf.

After finding several quarters and storage rooms we were able to find a large white room containing a dwarf. After the mage cautiously approached, while I guarded the doorway, we were able to confirm that it was Zarakook. We collected our other members and the key out, a white marble chip, and proceeded to make out way to the exit. There was some commotion as the guard raised the alarm but we were able to push our way past with the help our some spells and make our escape back to Sigil.

We’d convinced Zarakook to talk to the Grand-master so he could get the information he was looking for, before returning (or actually arriving) to the Dwarven Mountain. Our task completed we received our compensation and the potential gratitude of the Dwarven Sages.


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