MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 01

A tour of Sigil

Adventure begins!

Our team is formed! I already knew Vox as he is one of my former students. Adolamin seems like a nice, quiet fellow with a hidden power and Jericho seems fairly talkative and easy to get along with.

Since we are still grunts without any rank in the 42nd Lancers, we still have to take on whatever job the higher ups deem worthy to give us. Today we are assigned to head around Sigil and collect up 6 items! We have 2 days and 200 gold to do so. I’m a bit excited, as I love touring the place. We decide to pick a direction and stay with it until we loop back around to our barracks.

Bazaar cloths for Candlesocks

We first head to the great bazaar where we are sure to find the cloth item we need. We meet a few strange merchants (one even sold wool socks which I decided to purchase!) and end up meeting a half-man/half-lion fellow who has the cloth we need.

We don’t have the gold to buy it outright, but he’s willing to trade as long as we can make fools out of some Harmonium troops that are hassling a salesman who can’t pay his taxes. Jericho takes point on this one to distract the guards. Trying to think of anything humorous, I decide to combine the three items we have recently come across (candles, socks and bottles) into one item and try to sell the invention to the Guvner and Harmonium. Jericho makes the idea stick and gets them to prance around while Vox and Adolamin infiltrate the crowd to get them all laughing at them. It (surprisingly) works!

With the cloth in hand, we head to the next stop.

Law books don’t care about Candlesocks

We head to the courts next for a book of law. We find a lawyer who is willing to talk to us, but doesn’t seem to have the slightest interest in our Candlesock patent. Jericho was even on fire describing it, too!

Vox snuck out and was able to find someone willing to give us a law book for free!

Roses are… gray?

We next head to the prison for a gray rose. Vox is able to smooth-talk a guard to go get one for us! What a nice guy!

Cauldrons are heavy

Next up was the foundry. It was surprisingly easy to go in and purchase the bronze cauldron we needed, but unfortunately no one was really wanting to carry it all the way back to base. Luckily there are people outside ready to make deliveries for us! The man we payed to haul it off didn’t even steal it! Lucky!!

Sad day for a funeral

By the time we got to the mortuary we could feel the downhill slope of our tasks easing things along. We were definitely flying through these orders now!

Adolamin knew his way around this place and was able to find an unused funeral shroud for us. That was fortunate because the combined efforts of Jericho and Vox were not enough to convince anyone to sell us one!

Chaotic poems can kill you!

We then head to the slums to find someone willing to deliver a chaos poem to us. Vox gets some drunks to start singing in a bar and all of a sudden a brawl breaks out! I high-tailed it out of there so I wasn’t able to see much of what happened, but I did write down everything that was said. Good thing I had that parchment handy!

Vox remembers our first meeting!

We next head to the Sensates to get a memory stone. Since Vox is a member he was able to forge one himself, though he had to make a copy for their collection. He recounted our first meeting together! I’ll admit that it was an interesting night, but hopefully it wont end up causing more break-ins at the library!

Almost home

Our final destination was the gymnasium for a training certificate. Unfortunately they don’t just sell those… but they were interested in our strength as members of the 42nd Lancers so they were willing to give us one if we could prove our worth in combat.

Their battle arena was quite interesting and we ended up fighting wave-after-wave of summoned demons. The last one was a real beast and I ended up going through all my spells. It was extinguishing but exciting! With friends like these I probably wont end up eaten by a courl like my dad!

Home at last

We completed our task in record time, but it was a full day of effort. We had some good news though! Company F was apparently wiped out on their latest mission (bad news for them) and with that vacancy we were officially promoted!

Our next mission will most likely lead us out of Sigil and to another plane! I can’t wait!


mdg2238 Kainsin

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