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Sindri's Log - Session 02

A tour of the first layer of Hell

The Setup

Our first mission! We are tasked with fetching a young girl by the name of Beatrice from the archdevil Bel. Apparently she is the daughter of some unnamed Factol and was recently kidnapped by Bel’s minions. Apparently they are trying to use her as blackmail. However that means that the devils were somehow able to get into Sigil and back to Avernus… information on those portals could be quite interesting!

We headed out and investigated around to find out how to get to Avernus. We were able to determine that a few years ago a mage tried to open a portal there but was struck down by The Lady of Pain. Seems like a good place to start!

On our way to the mage’s old house we were approached by someone asking us to rescue another man from Bel’s grasp (no problem!). Apparently there was a second person asking us to kill that man, but I didn’t hear about it until we had rescued him (spoilers!).

The Portal

We made good time getting to the ruins of the mage’s place. We also saw tracks! Apparently we are not the first to make this trip. Some of the place was ransacked but I was able to pick up a very interesting book describing portal-making. I will definitely need to study that later.

In one of the rooms we found a symbol that was quite obviously part of the portal structure. I entered first and was whisked away to Avernus! My team members followed shortly. On the other side was some ruins and a very large horn…. plus a demon! He tried to hide from us but wasn’t successful. We got a bit of information about him, mainly that he didn’t know anything about Bel’s plans and that there was a witch to the east that might know of a portal back to Sigil. It was a tough call figuring out what to do with the devil… I didn’t want to kill him in cold blood but it would definitely give away our presence to Bel if left alone. We decided to break its wings and break the signal horn.

The River (part 1)

There are rivers of blood in hell! Who knew? (That was sarcasm, of course I knew) Adolamin popped out some of his cool moves and hopped to the other side pretty quickly. I took a more strategic plan and summoned a floating disk for Vox and Arsyn to ride on while I perched myself on Vaclav’s shoulders as he waded through to the other side. Everyone praised my cleverness (or they would have if we had more time).

The Witch

We approached the witch’s cave but were stopped by her force field. She came out to greet us (a little roughly) but she was willing to talk to us after we convinced her that we weren’t devils (Vaclav excluded). She didn’t know anything about Bel either, or the portal… but did seem to think that the Tower of Skulls to the southwest might know something about the portal.

We have to cross the river again….

The River (part 2)

Same thing as part 1.

The Tower of Skulls

The Tower of Skulls is… a tower of skulls! Who knew? (This is sarcasm again) They were all babbling away – quite loudly to boot – about random nonsense. They quieted down when they noticed us approaching and asked us why we were there. We asked about the portal but they wanted something in return… they made many demands, some of it involved touching the tower… which we didn’t want to do. One of the requests was to throw a devil onto it which could probably be accomplished pretty easily…

Eventually Vaclav got bored and smashed one of the skulls causing the whole tower to scream in pain. That attracted 3 devils which we dispatched easily and tossed onto the tower. From that we were able to learn where the portal was and that the key would be a brick from the road south of Bel’s fortress. They also told us that some huge beast was guarding the portal (scary)!

The River (part 3)

This was a lot like part 2 except we were attacked by a blood worm! it totally bit Vaclav but I was able to hold on while he thrashed around. We quickly killed it and decided not to eat it.

The Fortress (part 1)

There was a huge host of devils south of the fortress! Bel hadn’t left for the front lines of the Blood War like we were told! We decided to check out the portal first.

The Portal (part 1)

The portal was a bit unassuming and was guarded by a lone man (not as… scary?). He noticed us right away, even when Vox Tagleon turned invisible and tried to approach. He told us that he would let us pass so long as we took an orb to the other side… It’s a trap!

The Fortress (part 2)

We waited outside the fortress for a bit until the host was fully gathered and finally left. We headed down to the road first to locate the portal-key-brick so that we could have it in hand after our daring rescue. After looking around for a bit and not noticing anything that might be a portal key, we figured out that the Tower’s message probably meant that any brick would do!. We each took one.

A lot of us are sneaky! Bonus! With most of the devils gone, only a handful were left to patrol Bel’s fortress. We slipped in through the cracks in the patrol, but eventually we were found out. Some devils tried to fight us, but we were crafty and picked them off. I was able to distract one by making it think an angel had come down to fight it (crafty, right?!?) while we focused on the others.

With the devils defeated we were quickly able to make our way to some dungeons which contained both Beatrice and the man we were looking for! Turned out they were totally in love!! We headed out of the fortress but were spotted on our way out and chased by devils!

The Portal (part 2)

We ran to the portal! Devils chasing us all the way! The guardian was about there to stop us so I tried to tell everyone to bum-rush it to the portal. I slipped by with a teleport and Vaclav slipped by with a speed-increasing spell. The others were stuck, though and Arsyn took the orb from the guardian in order to pass. When he stepped through it had turned to dust (mystery for a later time).

The Aftermath

We made good pay for getting Beatrice out of there. Hopefully we earned some points for our reputation as well!


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