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Sindri's Log - Session 05

Prison Break

The Setup

I was hanging out with everyone and eating dinner in a local tavern when we were all called back to the 42nd Lancers for a new job. This one wasn’t given to us by Master Terrin… but by his boss! We’re movin’ on up in the ranks!

The Grandmaster told us he knew a dwarven sage by the name of Zarakook who recently died! The dwarves apparently have their own domain they arrive in when they pass where they are able to find a path to ascension. The Grandmaster knows the path for Zarakook and wants us to seek him out. He gave us the portal location to the dwarven spirit domain and promptly dismissed us from his office. Rude… but we can’t complain!

Dwarves and Vaclav have one thing in common

We arrive in what is known as the Strong Ale Hall. In it we encountered all kinds of dwarves singing and drinking (and drinking and drinking). Vaclav was a huge fan of this and joined them for quite a long time. He even won bouts of drinking contents and celebrated by performing squats over the heads of the passed-out challengers. Vox helps out a number of dwarves by keeping them from stumbling over (such a nice guy!).

The rest of us asked around to try to find out where sages make their way (the Soot Hall) though getting accurate information from the inebriated fellows here proved quite difficult. Eventually we enlisted the aid of a scout by the name of Emera Stoutforge. She guided us down the myriad halls until we arrived at Soot Hall.

The Twist

By the Lady there were books aplenty here! I began scouring through as many books as I could, feeling as elighted as Vaclav must have felt in the Strong Ale Hall. While I was busy with that, the rest of my team talked to another sage by the name of Pyris Churchip. He informed us that a creature bound for Carsceri (the prison plane) was accidentally sent here and Zarakook must have headed there by mistake!

We decide to take a chance at breaking Zarakook out of the un-breakable prison (because what’s a job without risks?) and Pyris sends us all there.

The Prison

We enter the plane on a bridge suspended who-knows how high above a foggy abyss and we quickly scramble to one side where we see a village (Culthis). Only Jericho slips (to the delight of on-lookers) but is able to recover (to their dismay).

We find a tavern and are overcharged for very gross grog (Vaclav drinks it all anyways). We are able to learn that a dwarf came a day or two ago and headed out of the town, possibly to a town known as Galora. We decide to make our way out of town to follow Zarakook.

The Trek

On the outskirts of town we meet a watcher who extorts us for gold when we’re halfway across a bridge he watches. After that we meet a female giant at a fork in the road. She’s trying to figure out which way to go and Adolamin using his tracking-know-how to study the tracks in the ground and give her directions.

We continue along until it gets dark and I summon us up a force field-based hut to sleep in. During the night a wolf-headed humanoid figure is seen crawling along the road. Jericho speaks to her and finds out she’s really hungry… for gnomish flesh!!!

I was a bit curious as I noticed she was an arcanoloth, a type of ugoloth. She happened to pass by again in the early morning and I stepped out to ask her why she looked so decrepit (instead of the glamorous way they normally look) but she tried to eat me!! Sadly it reminded me too much of my father’s fate… I thought I wouldn’t go down the same road but apparently curiosity just runs too deep in my blood.

The Temple

The next morning we continue on and eventually come to a large, huge, massive temple! It was the temple of Cryus. Vox snuck up to check it out and gave us a description of the inside.

We hatch a plan to convince the guards that were practitioners and are there to make a donation. Surprisingly it works and they lead us into a temple, but unfortunately they hole us up in a room with a silence spell cast on it. We wait there for a while but it soon becomes apparent that we’re going to be there for a while.

We head out of the door so that Jericho and Vaclav can knock out the guard and trap him inside the room. The two of them keep him inside while Adolamin, Vox and myself start searching the rooms in the hall for Zarakook.

We travel a looooong way (the temple is massive!) but eventually find him! He’s grateful for the rescue and tells us where the portal is. It’s close to him but unfortunately we have to head aaaaaaal the way back to get Jericho and Vaclav.

The Escape

We regroup and try to quickly head out, but the guard stumbles out and starts shouting. That draws out a few priests from a nearby room and we have to fight our way through. I hypnotize most of the guards and Jericho is able to fear the other one. We knock out the guard (again) and the feared priest and then start high-tailing it to the portal…. success!

Back Home

I’m not sure how many people have escaped Carsceri but we were lucky to do so. We bring Zarakook back to the Grandmaster and they start talking about his (Zarakook’s) ascension. Time for some rest!


mdg2238 Kainsin

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