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Sindri's Log - Session 08

Don't shave your face with razorvine

The Setup

We’re all sitting down at a tavern (as usual) when a mage comes up to us. Apparently our reputation has gotten out since he offered us some good money for a job right out of the blue. He wants us to go to Plaugemort (an area of the Outlands pretty close to the Abyss, ruled by Arclector Bynriyarnryl) and bring back a snippet of some particularly strong razorvine that grows there.

He gave us a vial to hold it in (as it will wither quickly once pruned) and the location of a portal to bring us there. Unfortunately we need a sample of razorvine (weaker stuff) to use the portal. The portal is (oddly) located in the Hall of the Records in the clerk’s office, but we don’t have much trouble getting permission to use it. Stepping through we find ourselves in a butcher shop.

Documents for documents

We head out of the butcher shop and make our way around town. We need to find a portal to the Abyss to find the razorvine we need, but conveniently find some hanging from a gate. It looks like what we need so we approach to cut it, but a tiefling cuts us off and demands that we have a permit in order to get through the gate. We try to explain that we only want to cut some of the razorvine but he doesn’t care.

We try to find the permit office but it’s closed, we’ll need to wait until the next day. So we head to an inn named The Eye of the Dragon and quickly learn that a lot of villagers hate the Arclector. Apparently he has a secret chapel to the god Umerly. Unfortunately all this mistrust is provoking a revolution, and when things in this area are unstable it’s known to slip into the Abyss. This is bad news for us if we want to easily get home!

Revolutions in motion tend to stay in motion

A few of us want to stop the revolution so that we can get a permit the next day. Unfortunately a succubus in the inn starts riling up the crowd. Vaclav looses his shit and falls head over heels in love with her and tries to get Vox to pee on him as a show of affection… I don’t understand his tribal customs sometimes.

Vox and I sneak out to do what we should have done before… go invisible and head to the gate to just cut some damn razorvine. Unfortunately we’re spotted somehow and I have to hypnotize a guard so that we can make our escape. I cast fly on Vox to make our getaway quick. We try to go to the butcher shop but the door is closed so I quickly fireball it open… it’s going to head to the Abyss anyways, right?

Change is a-comin’

Unfortunately the revolution took hold and they killed the Arclector. Vox tries to restore some order by getting the crowd to elect one of their own as a leader. It works… for now, but we still made our way to hunt down the succubus and her minions.


mdg2238 Kainsin

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