MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 09

Lead a mob to a demon...

The Mansion

The succubus leads us to the Arclector’s mansion where we find a large mob wreaking havoc and breaking things (talk about chaos!). We sneak around the side of the mansion in order to locate another way in. Unfortunately there aren’t any open windows, but we do find a side door located behind a bush. The door leads to the mansion’s kitchen so Vaclav takes the opportunity to eat some sausage and wrap even more around his body while Vox pilfers some cheeses.

We pass through the kitchen and into the great hall. There are two ways out, through a large set of doors (which Adolamin hears loud stomping noises on the other side of) and a regular door. We pick the regular door first and are disappointed to only find the servant’s quarters with no other exit. We return to the great room and search it pretty thoroughly and Vaclav notices something weird about the fireplace. Adolamin and Vox discover a loose brick that is used to open the back of the fireplace revealing a dark hallway.

Vaclav, Adolamin and Vox go first and end up triggering, like, a bazillion traps along the way. Jericho and I head in after them when we realize they’d kinda die without our healing and catch up to them as they are dodging flame-spewing statues. We search through that room and find a trap door that leads to… the vault! We take as much as we can, including some magical items.

There’s more past the vault, an alter to Umberly with some dead bodies in a moat around it. Determining that this is the end of the hidden passage, we head back to the great room.

Never fight an ape yourself

Vox uses an invisibility spell to sneak past the double doors and scout the main entry room to report back. There is a large ape-like demon milling about with a bunch of other demons waiting for the mob to break in through the front.

Jericho gets the idea to flag down the mob and show them the hidden entrance so that we can use them as human shie…. bai… a distraction! The mob is easily led into the mansion and into the main hall. Just as they arrive Vox cuts the rope to the chandelier and drops it on the ape-demon’s head! The crowd attacks! The demons counter attack! The crowd… is ill-prepared for this kind of battle and starts dying quite quickly. We heroically run through the main entryway and upstairs!

Worst bedrooms ever

We pass into the main upstairs hallway and bar the door behind us. There are a few rooms that we search through finding… quite the demonic sites. One room held a couple women chained up and battered. Vaclav heroically broke the chains and offered the women his sausage (the actual sausages he took from the kitchen).

Another room held a voodoo torture chamber while a third held a library. I ditch all of the gold I took and fill up on books instead! Yet another room has a rune-filled torture chamber and the last has a bunch of small cages with starving people inside. Past the library is a tower with a broken staircase.

Realizing that we have to go back out to the main entryway and find a way to the roof, we swing open the barred door and fight off a bunch of demons. A lot of them run to try to wait for us to go downstairs, but we avoid that by rushing to a side door and climbing the side towers to the roof.

The roof is on fire

We find the succubus on top of the tower (the one that had the broken staircase) along with some of her minions. We fight! It’s tough staying on the roof, especially when the demons all either fight from range or can fly (or both).

After a while I decide to open the iron flask we found to get a bit of help. A huge minotaur-like demon appears and begins to wreak havoc on the roof! It’s pretty awesome. I use the now-empty flask to suck up a succubus minion (literally another succubus that is a minion for the other succubus) and we continue to fight.

After a couple demons die the rest fly off. The minotaur demon from the flask chases off after them. I’m fairly confident that that is the last we’ll see of him!

Collapse stopped

We investigate the collapsed tower and conveniently find details about the succubus’s plot to turn the town on each other to collapse it into the Abyss. We go around town to calm down the people by revealing this information then head back to the butcher’s shop and back home!


mdg2238 Kainsin

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