MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Vaclav goes to Hell...again

F Troop rescues a Factal daughter in Bel's Fortress

So some new people showed up in F Troop the last week. It’s good as I was getting tired of marshalling by myself. Not sure who’s in charge yet, doesn’t matter as most of them will be dead soon. Not that it matters either.

The Captain decided we needed to pick up someone’s lost child in Hell. Great another opportunity to go to hell…We’ve got to rescue someone’s daughter, aren’t we all someone’s child? Why this one in particular? Guess the Captain is working it some way, I just hope we get many coins.

Getting to hell is always tricky, bring this doll, touch this torch, eat this maggot. Why can’t there just be a simple door you open and just walk in? The thing I like about hell is I get to kill whatever I want. Of course the new troopers wouldn’t let me kill the door keeper, “let it live they whine.” Smashing its knees, elbows, ankles, wrists and fingers seemed a little cruel. It’d been kinder to kill it outright. Guess I’m not in charge of killing things then.

We traveled to a witches cavern (for some reason) and then went to a pillar of skulls. All sorts, large, small, humanoid, non-humanoid, but all jabbering away. The noise was annoying. My companions were having a tea party just jabbering away with these things. One green little gobbers voice rubbed me the wrong way, “come closer, let me taste you, give me your fingers.” I had to smash it, its death was quick! The rest of the heads began wailing, I didn’t hit them! Luckily I was able to take my frustration and anger on new devils that heard the screaming.

We snuck into Bel’s fortress after his many many many devils left. My companions were smart to not challenge his horde. Unfortunately they weren’t smart enough to run and hide when the many devils came out to surround us. I doubt they’ll live long if they don’t survive like me. My companions got lucky and beat the many devils but if they keep fighting instead of running they’ll be the 38th group of F troop to die since I’ve joined them.

We rescued the daughter and the other the urchin asked to rescue. All of us survived this trip, which hasn’t happened in F Troop for quite some time. The captain gave us many gold pieces. I better give many to Madame Tilly’s Orphanage. I wonder what she has to eat?


mdg2238 Patticus

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