MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Vox tries to prove he's got a bigger Tallywacker

Vaclav goes gardening

It seems like there is always someone complaining about something. I mean I’m going to start complaining about being hired as gardeners. I mean sure who wouldn’t prefer to pick a few flowers instead of having some crazy demon hacking at your melon…or your melons, he.

Apparently our reputation is so good that random people come up to ask us to retrieve razor vines in the Outlands. These were ‘special,’ ‘highly potent,’ ‘only available here’ types of vines. Apparently the dang weeds that grow all over sigil just don’t have the right kind of uumphh. I don’t know, all the times I’ve cased a place and seen them on the walls, I avoided it, seemed pretty effective to me. I’m expecting some sort of new drug to be seen in Sigil shortly. Guess I’ll watch what I drink when I get back.

So we head to this town known as the Death of Plagues. I expect it to be pretty lively, lots of life and excitement since there isn’t any diseases. Instead it’s a bunch of riled up dirt grubbers, tired of grubbing dirt. Not sure why they’re making such a big point about it, all going to die anyway and it won’t mean much.

There was one woman who was making a ton of sense though, I swear she was the pure embodiment of lust. But boy was she confusing, saying one thing, thinking another. She must’ve convinced Vox she was after him as well, fool done pulled out his tallywacker and tried to piss all over me. Well I lost it a bit after that and the next thing I know we’re in the middle of the butcher shop again, not sure why but Sindri decided it needed remodeling and blasted it with fire, must’ve seen a spider.

Anyway I hope we see her again, I got a present for her…he he he.


mdg2238 Patticus

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