MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Vox's Log - Adv 2- Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The 42nd didn’t waste time giving us a new assignment, along with some new bodies for the squad. Not too sure about the new guys, and the mission didn’t help the feeling. So the jog was to bop to a layer in 666, and rescue a daughter of a faction higher upper. Thing is, other factions were interested in the boyfriend either coming back or not. Yea, a bad menage.

So, off to the land of fire and brimstone we go without a way back. Gheez, I hoped some power that be would throw a pathway out in front of us. Got my wish, obviously, but there was a lot between the in and the out.

Sometimes the memory gets hazy, like some body washing a chalk board… Where was I? Oh yes, the old crone (was she old, were there more than one, was she even real?) Anyway, we break into the hell lord’s castle and smash his guards and rescue the gurl. Something made me want to leave the boy, but the evil one made me bring him. Wait, how do I know he was evil? Some secret insight? This all seems as a dream I had weeks ago, fading ever day more no more.

Then down the yellow brick road we fled. There was a gate keeper who’d let us pass for a dastardly deed. The evil one embraced the act, and now I must warn… There is danger, but who was I to warn. I went straight to the Sense8 compound; I made a record. If I could only find it again.

This would make a good tune. Think I’ll call it “Gimme Three Steps”


mdg2238 gregray555

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