MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Vox's Log - Adv 5 - Hunting for Mr. Stumpyleggs

Are you there? I hope your listening.
It’s happened again. But I think I remembered something…

It started with another outbound assignment from the 42nd. This time I heard the words that tipped the first domino; “Daemons seeking ways into Sigil.” (or something to that effect). That’s what this is all about. Well, not all, but a good bit. Its a beginning in the middle. Our task was to hunt down the spirit of a passed-on dwarven sage, one who knew about portals.

As always, its about the breadcrumbs. There seems to be a special staging area for dwarven souls preparing for their final reward. It was a bustling, busy place of sights, sounds, and mostly smells. It was our luck that the spirit in question had gotten knicked by accident, and sent to the prison plane. That left it for a crack team of adventures to go get’em. But, since one wasn’t handy, we went.

Not sure what made it a prison plane. It was no Hedonism 3, but what is anymore. Anyway, got to track the spirit down, and through a strange set of circumstances we seemed to rescue him, and bring him back.

All pretty much to hum-ho bit. Maybe a bit too easy. But while there, I had a memory. It was like a tiny bubble that floated up through my consciousness, to pop in the open air of my brain, and released a melody of memory. My parents. We were on 716. They were looking for the portal network originally designed by the Sonegarions of Altus 715. Clever of them hiding the nexus hub one plane over. That’s when they found Daemon sign. Moving carefully, they ambushed a slave scholar team from Abyss 662. that’s when they got the first real intel on the Daemon’s plans to invade Sigil. That’s how we began our last year together, the Year of Blood.

Back to now. I’m sure the Daemons have already staged some of their forces here; disguised so not to alert the natives to how many are actually here. I suspect there is a mole, a secret agent very close to us. Whom can I trust? I need more intel, and I need the rest of my memories back!


mdg2238 gregray555

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