MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Vox's Log - Adv 6 - Adolamin's Got a Cursed Helm?!?!?

It seems on of my team mates, Adolamin the moo moo monk (hope he can’t read, or he’ll kick my ass for that joke) has a cursed helm. Even worse, it appears he’s had it for awhile. Now, if this helm isn’t able to re-write linear time, that means my memory dumps are getting worse.

Anyway, evidently at some point I was aware of the accursed helm, because I agreed to help Adolamin get rid of it. This is where things get “fuzzy.” We go on some sort of mini-quest to find out about the helm and rid it of its curse. Not real sure what the curse is. It can’t be too bad, Adolamin keeps the helm with him at all times. He seems to really like that thing. The only thing I’ve noticed is Adolamin’s fighting is getting better. He’s fighting at a much higher level than when we met. Wonder if because of the helm…

I was told later, “Good job of talking to the crazy man.” I can’t remember by whom, and I sure don’t remember a crazy man. Sure some gent, but he was not special. I don’t even remember the conversation at all. Then I do remember going to talk to some one special. He stored his stories in skulls. The dead do remember. I wonder if I’ll remember everything I’ve forgotten once I’m dead. Anyway, it seems that Adolamin’s helm is possessed by the soul of a deamon.

To free it of the curse, we had to do three impossible things. Evidently we scored one or two pretty quick. I think I was clever and stole something. It was shiny. I don’t know if they let me keep it. There is a bulge in my pocket. I’m afraid to see what it is. So I leave it be. Then we have to hop a ride with the ferryman. I was once warned never to pay him by a fellow named DeBurg. It was about that time that my head seemed to clear, as if coming out of a cloud, one that was obscuring my memories; and… (to be continued, hopefully)


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