Vox Tagleon

Half Elf Rogue/Bard 5E


Inquisitive, brave, or was that foolhardy? Anyway, Vox is a contradiction in no uncertain terms, mostly the ones defining the word contradiction. His father, a high elf; and his mother, a slut. They both adventured across the planes dragging poor young Vox with them. Life was happy, and they were stupid.

Fred and Ethel (Vox’s pet names for mums and papa), finally meet their doom in what would later be referred to as a “not level appropriate” dungeon. Young Vox was not only heart broken, but stranded in the Outlands. By luck, or the grace of some god of luck, Vox finds himself in Sigil. The hows and whys aren’t clear. It seems the story changes based on the day of the week. Happenstance? No, strangely Vox is under some form of magical compulsion which bares him from telling the tale. How did this happen? Well, the best version is told on Thursdays.

Once in Sigil, Vox lived by his wits, and other person’s purses. But, it was when he broke into the wizard Sin’Dri’s abode that Vox’s fortunes would turn. And, turn they did. First Sin’Dri captures our poor (but lovable) half elf. Then Vox escapes, gets recaptured, escapes, recaptured, etc, etc. It was after the fourth escape and recapture that Vox realized that Sin’Dri was allowing all this; and using Vox like a lab rat to test his defenses. Such treatment made Vox hungry, very hungry. But, not for the bread of man, but the knowledge he saw a glimpse of in Sin’Dri’s magical talent.

So that is how Vox Tagleon became an apprentice to Sin’Dri the Gnome. Alas, Vox’s inquisitive nature, constant questions, and being a general nuisance quickly got on Sir’Dri’s nerves, and so Vox was shipped off to the Bardic College where the answer to many of his questions lie.

Vox, now a self style adventured has re-kindled his friend ship with his Gnome mentor, and met an new group with which to seek answers to what ever questions pops to mind.


Vox Tagleon

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