MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 05
Prison Break

The Setup

I was hanging out with everyone and eating dinner in a local tavern when we were all called back to the 42nd Lancers for a new job. This one wasn’t given to us by Master Terrin… but by his boss! We’re movin’ on up in the ranks!

The Grandmaster told us he knew a dwarven sage by the name of Zarakook who recently died! The dwarves apparently have their own domain they arrive in when they pass where they are able to find a path to ascension. The Grandmaster knows the path for Zarakook and wants us to seek him out. He gave us the portal location to the dwarven spirit domain and promptly dismissed us from his office. Rude… but we can’t complain!

Dwarves and Vaclav have one thing in common

We arrive in what is known as the Strong Ale Hall. In it we encountered all kinds of dwarves singing and drinking (and drinking and drinking). Vaclav was a huge fan of this and joined them for quite a long time. He even won bouts of drinking contents and celebrated by performing squats over the heads of the passed-out challengers. Vox helps out a number of dwarves by keeping them from stumbling over (such a nice guy!).

The rest of us asked around to try to find out where sages make their way (the Soot Hall) though getting accurate information from the inebriated fellows here proved quite difficult. Eventually we enlisted the aid of a scout by the name of Emera Stoutforge. She guided us down the myriad halls until we arrived at Soot Hall.

The Twist

By the Lady there were books aplenty here! I began scouring through as many books as I could, feeling as elighted as Vaclav must have felt in the Strong Ale Hall. While I was busy with that, the rest of my team talked to another sage by the name of Pyris Churchip. He informed us that a creature bound for Carsceri (the prison plane) was accidentally sent here and Zarakook must have headed there by mistake!

We decide to take a chance at breaking Zarakook out of the un-breakable prison (because what’s a job without risks?) and Pyris sends us all there.

The Prison

We enter the plane on a bridge suspended who-knows how high above a foggy abyss and we quickly scramble to one side where we see a village (Culthis). Only Jericho slips (to the delight of on-lookers) but is able to recover (to their dismay).

We find a tavern and are overcharged for very gross grog (Vaclav drinks it all anyways). We are able to learn that a dwarf came a day or two ago and headed out of the town, possibly to a town known as Galora. We decide to make our way out of town to follow Zarakook.

The Trek

On the outskirts of town we meet a watcher who extorts us for gold when we’re halfway across a bridge he watches. After that we meet a female giant at a fork in the road. She’s trying to figure out which way to go and Adolamin using his tracking-know-how to study the tracks in the ground and give her directions.

We continue along until it gets dark and I summon us up a force field-based hut to sleep in. During the night a wolf-headed humanoid figure is seen crawling along the road. Jericho speaks to her and finds out she’s really hungry… for gnomish flesh!!!

I was a bit curious as I noticed she was an arcanoloth, a type of ugoloth. She happened to pass by again in the early morning and I stepped out to ask her why she looked so decrepit (instead of the glamorous way they normally look) but she tried to eat me!! Sadly it reminded me too much of my father’s fate… I thought I wouldn’t go down the same road but apparently curiosity just runs too deep in my blood.

The Temple

The next morning we continue on and eventually come to a large, huge, massive temple! It was the temple of Cryus. Vox snuck up to check it out and gave us a description of the inside.

We hatch a plan to convince the guards that were practitioners and are there to make a donation. Surprisingly it works and they lead us into a temple, but unfortunately they hole us up in a room with a silence spell cast on it. We wait there for a while but it soon becomes apparent that we’re going to be there for a while.

We head out of the door so that Jericho and Vaclav can knock out the guard and trap him inside the room. The two of them keep him inside while Adolamin, Vox and myself start searching the rooms in the hall for Zarakook.

We travel a looooong way (the temple is massive!) but eventually find him! He’s grateful for the rescue and tells us where the portal is. It’s close to him but unfortunately we have to head aaaaaaal the way back to get Jericho and Vaclav.

The Escape

We regroup and try to quickly head out, but the guard stumbles out and starts shouting. That draws out a few priests from a nearby room and we have to fight our way through. I hypnotize most of the guards and Jericho is able to fear the other one. We knock out the guard (again) and the feared priest and then start high-tailing it to the portal…. success!

Back Home

I’m not sure how many people have escaped Carsceri but we were lucky to do so. We bring Zarakook back to the Grandmaster and they start talking about his (Zarakook’s) ascension. Time for some rest!

Session 5 - Adolamin's Log
Quiet Time

One of the grandmasters of the 42nd Lancers tasked us with a job. He needed information from a Dwarven sage by the name of Zarakook. It seemed that the sage had recently died, which meant we needed to visit the Dwarven afterlife to talk to him. The portal to the Dwarven Mountan (their afterlife) was at a blacksmith shop, utilizing a Dwarven wrought hammer as it’s key. We set out with our standard gear.

We bought the needed hammer from the shop itself and used to portal witch deposited us at the Dwarven afterlife of drinking located at the Dwarven Mountain, called the ‘Strong Ale Hall’. Getting directions to the Sage’s hall was proving problematic until our Barbarian was able to out-drink several Dwarves and get us a guide. After an.. interesting trip to the Dwarven hall of sagest, ‘Soot Hall’.

There we talked to the Dwarf in charge, Pyrish Churchip, who informed us that he had not seen our dwarf but that another had recently arrived that was supposed to go to the prison plane, ‘Carsceri’. They had thrown that person there and suggested that our dwarf may have gone there instead. He stated that if we were able to rescue Zarakook that he would owe us a favor and guided us to the portal.

Carsceri turned out to be a land of steep cliffs and sheer canyons. A stark break-taking scenery of many dangers. Our arrival was less than smooth as we drop-out onto a rope bridge over one of the many canyons, suspended between two halves of a small village. Fortunately we only ALMOST lost our paladin.

After buying some high quality drinks (they must have been for that price), and with the help of the drinking and diplomatic prowess of our barbarian companion, the generous barkeep informed us that the dwarf we’d followed had fallen off the bridge upon arrival (almost like our paladin) but that another dwarf had left the village earlier. We followed the only path out of the village, witch showed traces of recent passage.

The guard of the bridge out verified that a dwarf had passed. Possibly because she didn’t trust us or because she was not fully trustworthy herself, she requested payment for passage while threatening to cut the rope bridge out of town. Seeing as a toll was not wholly unreasonable, we paid (by dropping the monies at her feet) and proceed down the path.

We came to several forks in the path. One with a giant who was looking for another giant. We were able to direct her to the right path, going by the large tracks that way, as we followed dwarf like tracks to the left. At the next fork we saw dwarf-like tracks to the right but decided to camp for the night. During the night a bedraggled wolf-headed humanoid passed by. We talked and gave her some food but otherwise the night passed without indecent and we continued down the right path the next morning.

The trail led to a Temple of the Titan Cryas. After convincing the guards we were there to donate, we were led to a odd room that seemed to restrict vision and eliminate all sound. We knocked that single guard to the room out long enough for us to shut him inside. The paladin and barbarian kept him in while the rest of us searched for the dwarf.

After finding several quarters and storage rooms we were able to find a large white room containing a dwarf. After the mage cautiously approached, while I guarded the doorway, we were able to confirm that it was Zarakook. We collected our other members and the key out, a white marble chip, and proceeded to make out way to the exit. There was some commotion as the guard raised the alarm but we were able to push our way past with the help our some spells and make our escape back to Sigil.

We’d convinced Zarakook to talk to the Grand-master so he could get the information he was looking for, before returning (or actually arriving) to the Dwarven Mountain. Our task completed we received our compensation and the potential gratitude of the Dwarven Sages.

Vaclav gets a servant and a new shiny!
We get to see some shyte!

Vaclav gets a servant and a new shiny!

I don’t know how it happens that even when we’re at rest we can’t get a moments peace. One moment I’m trying to tame the dragon thinking of Pareshka, and the next Sindri’s room is being blasted apart. I don’t know if Vox and he had a falling out or not, but books, papers and clothes were strewn higgledy piggledy. Quickly pulling my pants up, I peek around the corner into Sindri’s room to see him standing over a spinnagon threatening to beat it up with his book.

I like a good beat down as the next fellow and the way Sindri was winding up to wallop the spinnagon it was going to be epic, but the creature’s desperate plea to not be sent back to Bel touched a part of me. That part that knew having a desperate servant who feared what could happen to him very valuable. I’m tender like that and Hiletzu was desperate, my favorite! He swore fealty to serve me forever, so I think I’ll keep him.

Teryn called us the next morning to retrieve a boat. I’m not a sailor nor are the lancers shipwrights but we were the right choice to return with it. We were hired by some pretty boy, ‘blessed by the gods’. Neville Jarvin looks and talks like an ass. I don’t care how many words you use Neville, an ass is an ass is an ass, plus he smelled of perfumed soap.

The soap smell didn’t last long as we had to trudge through a sewer to get to the gate. What I want to know is how often I’m going to do these missions with shit tagalongs. It’d be a decent day when we can leave through a brothel and alehouse and the key to opening the gate is your manhood must be covered in women scent and the front of your shirt in alcohol vomit. But no me and my fellow turd herders trudged through the sewage to get to the icy fields of Amodeus.

I like the snow. It’s peaceful and quiet. Or it would be if Vox would quit singing. It passes the time. We get to the boat with some slight delays. Adolamin is trying to convince me that rocks don’t float everywhere and I call him a liar. You could see plain as day that they float everywhere here. He’s got nothing to say to that.

Eventually we find the boat but of course some shysters try to prevent us from getting away with it. We chase them away fairly easily but it’s the follow up that’s interesting. I’ve never seen any creature as knobby as this one, and the weapons he carried could’ve put a fright in any man. It took some time but I let him beat me up a bit while the party took him out. F troop recognized my brilliance in the fight by letting me have first choice in loot taking. And I took his big ol’ lightning sword. It changes size to the demands I ask of it, it slices, it dices and it takes out mooks with a single swing. I think I’m in love and will call it Pareshka…

Jericho's Log - Session #4
Icy motes and Broken boats

Dear Mother,

I’ve just completed my fourth mission for the 42nd. This one was by far the toughest and easily the most straining upon my psyche. We were tasked by Master Terrin to help an archaeologist acquire a derelict ship that had crashed somewhere in Asheron. Apparently the ship had planes-travelling abilities and posed a threat to Sigil should a hostile faction acquire it.

We gated out to Asheron and a few miles away from the crash site. We trekked along these weird, floating islands of ice and dirt that quite frankly disturbed me. I’m not used to the ground moving along underneath me and I was a bit distressed at the thought of two of these icy motes smashing into one another. Everyone else made their way across the terrain without much difficulty, but Sindri and I had some trouble keeping up. You know that running was never my strong suit and this githyanki armor is a lot heavier than it looks.

At one point we were beset upon by a horde of demonic minions closing in on us from all sides. We had to beat feet fast to make it to the next mote before it passed by. Thank Lord Kelemvor that Sindri was around because I don’t think I would’ve made it without him. When it became clear that we were lagging a bit too far behind, he cast a Fly spell on me. Being a little thing, he was able to climb up on my shoulders like little Niclas used to do when I’d tote him around Aunt Audris’ house.

Let me tell you, flying is an art more than a skill and I’m not very artistic. Still, it gave us the speed we needed to catch up to the others. They were struggling to get across some narrow strips of navigable land and were being harassed by imps and such as they made their way across. Rather than land and slug it out, I took advantage of my newfound mobility and put this plate armor to good use by using myself (with poor Sindri holding on for dear life) as a battering ram and knocking the little runts halfway across the plane! It was terribly fun and something I’d love to do again. But alas, we had to continue on.

We managed to reach the location where the ship had crashed and the archaeologist set up his gear to gate the ship back to Sigil. Everyone took up defensive positions around the ship, knowing we’d be attacked during the ritual. Oddly, the attack came from a dozen or so orcs and goblins, rather than demons. I must admit I felt some small sense of disappointment at not being able to gut some more of the gods-bedamned things. Sindri and Vaclav made quick work of them while Vox Tagleon, Adolamin Jizaihō, and myself kept the rest off the scientist. I was sensing that this was too easy and felt a disturbing chill just before It arrived.

“It” was quite possibly the biggest demon I’d ever seen. Possibly a lord of some kind. It wore no armor save a large helm and very large shield. It wielded a wicked sword of lightning as it bore down upon us. Lesser men would’ve died screaming in terror, but not we. I was out of position when the beast attacked, but Vox and Adolamin managed to keep it busy until I could get there. Vaclav and Sindri harassed it at range, but their magics did little to damage the creature.

Finally, I arrived and by the blessings of Lord Kelemvor I smote the infernal thing with my greatsword wreathed in holy power. My mind’s focus narrowed to a rapier point focused solely on the unbeating heart of that monstrosity. Seeing a foe it could not so easily toy with, it dropped its sword and shield and drew forth two long barbed chains with what may have been anchors on the ends. It gave the creature a tremendous reach and its powerful misses rended the landscape around us.

I chased it up a broken tower and set to cleaving great gashes in its hide while the others did their best to help. My holy blade seemed to be the only weapon that the beast truly feared and it flew off the tower in a desperate attempt to reach the archaeologist and stop his ritual. I stopped thinking and placed my life in Kelemvor’s blessed hands and lept off the tower; my sword blazing in my Lord’s holy might! My faith was rewarded as I landed in a perfect position to strike the great demon and my blade bit deeply into its unholy flesh! Mortally wounded, it gamely tried to offer a last bit of resistance, but we managed to down the damned thing once and for all.

Vaclav placed claim upon the demon’s sword while Adolamin claimed its helm. I cautioned them to be wary of demonic trinkets, but as Vaclav is a tiefling, he’s already quite familiar with such things. Adolamin was not so lucky as he now finds himself the unwitting possessor of a cursed helmet! Even in death, the demons find ways to mock us! I shall have to take the poor monk to Master Queale to see if we can get the curse undone.

Needless to say, the ritual was completed but the ship was gated not to Sigil proper, but to somewhere in the Outlands, where a team of Lancer support personnel set to stripping the vessel into more easily transportable pieces. I wondered at the wisdom of allowing such a prize to be claimed by anyone, instead of being destroyed. Though I suppose the Lancers are the best group to possess such an artifact, as we won’t abuse its power as others might.

I must confess, mother, that fighting the demon lord was equally terrifying and exhilarating! I wondered if the creature was behind the attacks that sundered father’s body and destroyed my comrades. I knew I should keep the beast alive long enough to query its demented mind. Yet the weight of vengeance was great upon my heart and drove my anger to fuel my power.

I should not feel this way! I knew I was the only true threat against the creature. As I fared, so too would my comrades’ fates be written. In past encounters, I’d trusted solely upon my training and will to see me through, and both have served me well. But this fight…this fight was different. I knew I wouldn’t prevail through sharp blade and strong steel alone.

It wasn’t until I surrendered myself completely to the anger and desire for restitution that I felt we had a chance. At that moment though, all doubt melted away! I knew that we couldn’t lose. I knew the beast would fall to our strength. For a fleeting time, I had become my god’s hand and through me, Lord Kelemvor had brought the sentence of swift justice upon the unholy abomination. The feeling of righteous anger I felt in those brief seconds burned away any doubt that I was not serving my Lord as he desires.

In fact, I believe now that my task is not just to protect the People and right the wrongs inflicted upon the world by those who would deal death so casually. I believe now that our Lord Kelemvor is grooming me to truly become his Sword and through me, exact his righteous anger upon those unfortunate enough to fall under his gaze. I know this isn’t the path you wish for me, mother. I know the Masters raised me to serve our god peacefully and only draw steel as a last resort.

But…what I felt today was not the hurt feelings of a bruised and embarrassed ego. It was the righteous anger of the judge exacting a penance from the irredeemable criminal. It was the satisfaction of being executioner over one for which there was no other verdict.


I have served the Lord of Death most of my life. Until now, I’ve been but a child doing as his parents have directed; not understanding…only obeying. Now the veil is being drawn and comprehension is beginning to take root. The spectre of Death that used to walk beside me is now wrapping the dark mantle of its embrace upon my shoulders. I am no longer the scythe; the tool. Soon I shall become the Reaper! And woe be to those for whom the bell tolls…

Vox's Log- Adv 4 -Ship of the Icy Daemon Lord

Another slog, another job. Life isn’t boring in the 42nd. Well it actually is. one to two weeks off, three to five hard days on. Seems daemons are afoot, scenting out to get under the Lady of Pain’s skirt. Well the 42nd won’t have any of it, so we’re called to task again. This time, capture an artifact ship that can enter Sigil on its own. With it, evil red eyed beasties could cross the center line.

Off to an icy layer of the buggered hell (OU812, I think), with Sir Lord Gonna Get Us and the Ship Home Again. I just called him Ned. Anyway, to go out, we had to go down, muck some shite, and have a penny of a time. Right next, we’re in icy Hell. STRANGE. As we’re hopping giant floating ice moats, we’re fending off jibblet hoards of snooters and waggs. Some of the crew fell slack, but just a square-T and its all kipper again.

Next we find the sodden ship, and Ned starts assembling the gate to get us all home with the shiney. Pax to that when waves of hoards of medium and big shites show up for a shagging. Well Bob’s not my uncle, so we jumped the turnstyle, and spanked little johnny behind the ear. Thinking it safe we stood vigilant while wishing Ned had some fraking wings up his arse, and would hurry up finishing the gate.

Well it was about that time that grandaddy poo but Deamon Lord jumped up. Let me tell you, when he said boo, I nearly shat the Tiefling’s drawers (cause no one would notice since his were already poopy brown- hehehe). This here fight was one to behold, and behold I did. Ole Vox here had very little that could hurt Lord Slushy, so distance I kept. Needless to say, my teammates in the 42nd are with me for a good reason, and about half a day later, they killed the bastich.

As if by magic, suddenly Ned’s through with the gate and back to Sigil, via the Outlands, we go. Off I go to the Sense8’s. I’ve got a plan, and a mystery to solve. I must know the answer…

Sindri's Log - Session 04
Unmaiden Voyage

Rude Wakeup

Vox woke me up by banging on my door. At first I thought he might be having trouble with another late-night study session, then I remembered that it’s been a long time since we were at the university. It was then that I noticed another presence in my room! I quickly cast a light spell and saw Howlitzu, the devil we broke at the portal in Avernus. He had some of my clothes in one hand and a book in the other.

I told him to stop and he dropped my clothes but still tried to make off with the book. Vox then entered my room and decided to blast it all up to pieces!! He’s always been a bit rash. I attempted to wrestle my book back from the devil but he was very, very strong! Luckily Vox was able to get it back for me.

The noise caused quite a commotion and woke up almost the entirety of the 42nd Lancers. Vox spoke to Howlitzu and found out that he was trying to get the portal book (which I don’t have anymore) back to his master, Bel. He then convinced the devil to work for us (though I don’t believe the devil isn’t a spy) and Vaclav volunteered to take him as a servant.

The Setup

A few days later Master Terrin came to us with another task. Apparently there’s been rumors of an incursion on Sigil and the 42nd Lancers have decided to do something about it. A mission from within! We were presented to an aasimar archeologist by the name of Nevil Jarvin. He seemed like a pretty nice guy and told us a story about how he had discovered a broken down ship that could travel the planes. The bad news was that the ship was located in the 5th layer of Asheron, Amodeus (not to be confused with Asmodeus… which Jericho certainly did!!).

Our mission was to accompany Nevil to Amodeus, locate the ship and protect him from the inevitable onslaught of demons while Nevil attempts to gate the ship to his workplace. Once the ship is safe his researchers can break it down and transport it to Sigil for further study.

We accept (no choice!) and follow Nevil around Sigil until he reaches a sewer gate that serves as the portal to Asheron.

Jumping… is useful!

Asheron is such a weird place. I’ve never been here before! We found ourselves on a mote of floating rock and had to make our way from one to another to another. It was quite fun jumping from one to the next… however we eventually spotted a large group of demons searching for the ship (or us!). We all ran and ran and jumped and ran some more. Vox and Adolamin were the quickest with myself and Jericho taking up the rear.

We eventually outpaced the demons behind us, but were ambushed by some before we could jump to the next mote. The mote was moving away too, which meant we had only a limited time to mess around before we needed to jump across to it. Since I knew Jericho and myself would have a tough time slipping past them, I decided to make use of a new fly spell I had learned since our last mission and hopped aboard Jericho as he soared through the skies! He dive-bombed a few demons on the way but eventually we were all able to make it to the next spot of land… and to the ship!

Demon Lords are scary!

Nevil set up his gate rods around the ship and began working on the ritual to bring it to his place. I set up my standard combat box and waited for the demons to show up… but orcs and goblins showed up instead! Luckily the first wave stayed close together so that I could show off another new spell… fireball! We did a good job protecting Nevil and quickly dispatched the rest.

After they were defeated a horde of demons surrounded us! We could see their beady little eyes… until a howl roared through the air and a demon lord jumped into our camp! Adolamin, Jericho, Vaclav and Vox surrounded him while I shot spells from a distance. I cursed myself for not preparing some choice spells for this combat, but made due with the ones I had taken.

The demon lord had a lot of tricks up his sleeve. First he was able to knock attacks back with a shield, then he threw that off to sling a few spells around, finishing it up with a few chain whips that could attack people from a distance. We all hammered him as hard as we could until he eventually died. We grabbed anything of his that looked valuable and Nevil finished up his spell and transported us back to… the Outlands!

We waited around for a bit while Nevil’s men immediately began working on the taking the ship apart. Then we followed them into an outhouse and back to Sigil for our payment on another job well done!

Session 4 - Adolamin's Log
Oh look, a fancy helmet...

Another task directly from the 42nd Legion. This time to recover an artifact before the demons can get it. The artifact supposedly has some sort of planes traveling capabilities that the demons covet. We were to essentially escort an archaeologist, Nevil Jarvin, who would do that actual recovery and bring it back. After-witch they would dissect it for better transportation and eventual study. I’m not sure I trust giving such a supposed powerful artifact over to this archaeologist but orders are orders. The artifact was located on the 5th layer of Asheron, Amodeus.

After gathering supplied, and cold weather gear, we proceeded to the portal to Amodeus with our archaeologist companion. There we were confronted with the cold frozen landscape of floating islands and ruins, witch we proceeded to cross.

Several island jumps latter led us into a race against the demon forces to get to the next island before it floated away. Being one of the more fleet-of-foot, I made it to the location of the final jump and proceeded to clear the way of the creatures in the area, some more frighting than their appearances would suggest. After a quick battle we clear the immediate area and made the jump to the next island witch turned out to be the ruins that contained our artifact, the planes-traveling ship that had seen better days. The archaeologist prepared his portal to transport us and the craft away while we arrayed ourselves to fight off the demons sure to come.

We were able to take care of most of the demons with only minor injuries and troubles (a well placed fireball helped). Then a large brute of a demon wielding a lighting sword and huge shield appeared. I ran into the fray, flanking our opponent, while others make use of their tactical positions.

Then he let our a huge roar, made a giant leap onto the top of some ruins, threw down his shield, and shot out a living wall of fire from the strange helm sitting atop his head. We moved to the fight to the top of the tower until we drove him off it. He leaped again, back onto the ground. Dropping his sword he began whipping a set of spiked chains around at us, that until then he had wrapped around himself. The battle moved back the the ground as we dodge his chains (mostly) until we were finally able to wear him down with our combined might of fist, sword, and magic.

The archaeologist was finishing his portal and told us to hurry. We grabbed what gear we could from our defeated foes and rushed back, making it barely in time to be whisked to what appeared to be a large barn. There they began their next task of disassembling the ship and carting it off, but our task was done. We made our way back to the Legion.

Turns out we removed a magic sword and helm. Unfortunately the helm I recovered was cursed. I will need to find a way to remove this curse and destroy this object of evil. Our paladin said that the members of his faith could help and I will need to seek their aid.

Bringing home the light
Vaclav gets lost in a maze and gets a new sword

Master Teryn gave us a task to pick up the sword of someone called Vartis Temly. Seems easy enough, except this guy pissed off the Lady of Sigil. I guess if you’re going to upset someone it shouldn’t be the all powerful being who rules the world but what do I know. Apparently Vartis tried to take over all of Sigil.

I got problems just trying to feed myself and staying alive. Can you imagine how dangerous you need to be to feed all these people? So Vartis wants to take over since he’s a member of the Expansionists, seems like he’s a dumbass. But Teryn wants us to recover his sword, the “Lightbringer.” Guess it made him a bad ass. Apparently not enough of one if the Lady locked him up in the maze.

I was daydreaming about the sword when Teryn told us how to get into the inescapable maze, something to do with a honey drenched rose by the balor or something like that. Luckily Arsyn paid attention and in short time we were inside.

The maze was well… it was a maze. You’d expect something designed by the Lady of Pain to be horrific pain inducing nightmare where every step brought mortal terror. It was terrible alright, terribly boring. I mean the most painful thing the maze might bring is an acute sense of boredom. Watch out, you might get a splinter from opening a door. At least there were others inside who wanted the sword as well. I got a beautiful new silvered sword and Jericho got some heavily adorned plate. These things are real beauties, people will definitely notice them and know we’re from the 42nd.

We find Vertis and talk him into giving us his sword if we get him out. Seems like a good deal for everyone except the Wemics and Cambion waiting for us by the escape portal. Luckily I’m so quick that I run through the portal before things got to dangerous. Unfortunately that damn Cambion decides to chase me through the portal and all through Sigil. Let me tell you that outrunning balls of flaming fire gives one new appreciation for being fast. I think the rest of the company needs to get as quick as I am or they won’t survive.

Vox's Log - Adv 2- Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The 42nd didn’t waste time giving us a new assignment, along with some new bodies for the squad. Not too sure about the new guys, and the mission didn’t help the feeling. So the jog was to bop to a layer in 666, and rescue a daughter of a faction higher upper. Thing is, other factions were interested in the boyfriend either coming back or not. Yea, a bad menage.

So, off to the land of fire and brimstone we go without a way back. Gheez, I hoped some power that be would throw a pathway out in front of us. Got my wish, obviously, but there was a lot between the in and the out.

Sometimes the memory gets hazy, like some body washing a chalk board… Where was I? Oh yes, the old crone (was she old, were there more than one, was she even real?) Anyway, we break into the hell lord’s castle and smash his guards and rescue the gurl. Something made me want to leave the boy, but the evil one made me bring him. Wait, how do I know he was evil? Some secret insight? This all seems as a dream I had weeks ago, fading ever day more no more.

Then down the yellow brick road we fled. There was a gate keeper who’d let us pass for a dastardly deed. The evil one embraced the act, and now I must warn… There is danger, but who was I to warn. I went straight to the Sense8 compound; I made a record. If I could only find it again.

This would make a good tune. Think I’ll call it “Gimme Three Steps”

Sindri's Log - Session 03
An A-MAZE-ing Adventure

The Setup

Master Terrin called us in the middle of mealtime to give us our next mission. This time he told us about a former Factum Vardis Timlen of the (ex-)Expansionists. He was thrown into a maze after he tried to kill The Lady of Pain, along with his legendary sword… which is what we are to retrieve.

Apparently the entrance to his personal maze has been well-known for some time, but the way out was only recently discovered. We need to get one of the plates of food presented to Vardis each day and follow a specific route to search for a secret door. Through that door we’ll find a portal whose key is the plate we recovered.

On our way!

We take care of a little shopping first. Vaclav really likes scaring the vendors here! And Arsyn enjoys helping to keep their stalls clean (what a nice guy!).

As we head towards the portal entrance we pass a large crowd with a condemned man on display. Apparently he was caught selling records and has been sentenced to death by Wyrm… not a fun sight. I know that judgements can be harsh for dastardly crimes, but I wouldn’t want to stick around to watch it unfold.

As we push through the crowd, Vaclav and Arsyn help to steady attendees that look like they’re going to fall over.

Enter the maze

The maze’s entrance is located in an inn. Jericho took one look at the demons that populate the inn and punched Vaclav! Weird!! Luckily we’re not here for too long or else Vaclav would seriously retaliate!

We are escorted to the maze’s portal and we step in (Terrin gave us a rose as the portal key). The first thing I notice about this maze is that it has a number of turns and is a bit hard to navigate around in, who would have thought?! I use some chalk to mark intersections so we can try to keep track of it, though I worry some might rub off when Vaclav urinates on them.

The statue

Eventually we come across a door and hear two voices on the other side. No one knows the language but Vaclav is able to hear them thanks to a quick spell. We decide to enter and see two Githyanki who suddenly attack us!

I try to pin one down under a mound of magical webbing, but he simply teleported right out of it! No fair! We proceed to gang up on one of them, then chase the other around the room until we finally catch him in a corner and take him out as well. One of them had fancy-shmancy plate armor which Jericho equipped right-away (without even cleaning it of Githyanki body odor!).

This room also had an empty bowl which we took for later.


We spend A LOT more time walking around the maze. We hit a few rooms, one had the bodies of the two Githyanki we killed (which was weird) and another human (also dead) that we had not seen before. A second room held some sleeping stuff.

Eventually we heard a voice talking to itself and ran across an old fellow with a sword. It was Vardis!! Lucky us! Arsyn convinced him to follow us to the exit where he would give us his sword in exchange for the way out. Back to the statue room!

On our way out

The Githyanki might have been a clue, but there were definitely others in here searching for Vardis and his sword. Seems like the way out had become more common knowledge than we knew.

On our way out we came across a bunch of gnolls led by some bug demon. I stuck a few with some more webbing and Arsyn threw out some darkness so they couldn’t see us to launch ranged attacks. He and Adolamin took point to prevent the gnolls from coming out of the darkness, but that didn’t stop the bug demon from stinking up the place with a nasty spell. Boo him! We were all coughing quite a fit!!

After we killed all of them we found the secret door easily enough. Arsyn took ahold of the sword while I opened the secret door… and was promptly met with a few spears in my face! A woman stood behind some cat-type creatures (I couldn’t get a good look due to the aforementioned spears) and demanded the sword from us. The nerve she had! She could have tried to find Vardis herself instead of setting up shop at the portal and waiting for others to do her dirty work for her!!

Arsyn tried to negotiate with her but it wasn’t working out too well. Eventually Jericho let his libedo get the best of him and decided to try to get the sword from us in order to get in her good graces. Apparently he next thought that Adolamin was a serious contender for her affections because he began punching him in the groin! Over and over again! It was crazy!


Vaclav threw out a darkness spell in the portal room and I quickly closed the door. We formulated a quick plan to rush into the room during the darkness and confusion and race into the portal. Arsyn took point since he could see in the darkness and guided us in.

Vaclav and I made it in first but we were quickly followed by the woman and one of the cat things. Vaclav took off claiming he had the sword and the woman suddenly sprouted wings and shed her disguise to reveal that she was a devil of sorts! Jericho will be so disappointed!

The rest of the group followed and we high tailed it out of there to meet back up at the 42nd Lancer’s headquarters. The devil-woman took off and Vardis also decided to go his own way. He eventually sent us a letter of thanks along with a nifty flask! I identified his sword to find out that the sword itself, while a decent magical weapon, was not an artifact after all. We handed it over and collected our reward for a job well done.

I’m sure the devil-woman has forgiven us and releasing Vardis to the modern-day populace will have no repercussions what-so-ever! I’ll make some notes of the maze to give to the Governors in case someone there is interested in The Lady of Pain’s traps.


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