MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 11
Jailhouse Rock

The Jailbreak

We awoke on the cold stone floor of the keep’s dungeon. Vox was keeping the prisoners entertained with his lute, but it wasn’t long until we knew we needed to make an escape. I use some innate conjuration magic I had learned to summon a set of lock picks for Vox to use to break us out. He’s able to open the cages for me, himself and Jericho but has some trouble with Vaclav‘s and Adolamin’s. I try to use a teleportation spell to rescue Vaclav but am immediately hit by what I can only assume is a dimensional anchor and it prevents me from getting into his cell.

Meanwhile, another prisoner named Bob (who claims he is an assassin) really wants to be let out and starts banging around in his cell to summon the guards if he doesn’t get his way. Unfortunately for us the guards do come in to investigate the noise and aren’t too happy when they see us there. I quickly summon a number of smoke mephits to get in their way while we try to figure another way out of this dungeon.

Vaclav is able to break out of his cell and throws down an area of darkness over the guards which helps buy us time. Jericho is able to extract Adolamin and then runs to the nearest door only to find out that it leads to a torture chamber.

The upstairs that never was

We take another exit from the dungeon and find ourselves in a wine cellar (Vaclav is super happy about that). Beyond that lies a storeroom with a dumbwaiter and an older man loading it up. We commandeer the dumbwaiter and after a couple mis-steps in its use we’re able to use it to go up to the upper floor. Vox takes the lead on that since he can turn himself invisible and has a knack for talking his way out of embarrassing situations. Our goal is to circle around the guards and find our stuff to get out of here.

Vox comes back a little while later and looks slightly perturbed. I ask what’s wrong but he can only respond in faint whispers about how the upstairs is a circular-enclosed space where one cannot maintain any sense of direction. It seems completely closed off from any other entry point besides the dumbwaiter itself.

Mages and walls

Left with only one option, we head back into the dungeon and release the other prisoners in order to confront the guard. Unfortunately the other prisoners proceed in the opposite direction and start getting drunk… leaving the guards to us.

We’re able to defeat the guards on this floor but after a time the grand wizard of the keep makes an appearance. He casts a number of spells I have only heard mention of in my readings and is able to imprison Adolamin and Vaclav behind a wall of force. My mephits quickly fall to his ice magic but Vox and Jericho are able to smack him around enough to get him to teleport away before he dies.

We find our stuff in one of the rooms! Continuing to search the area before heading upstairs (where Vaclav had noticed a lot more guards) we find the horse we’re looking for! Now we just have to get her out of this mess somehow…

Jericho's Log - Session #10
A horse of a different plane

Dear Mother,

I’ve found myself in a rather curious situation. A talking horse, of all things, has bequeathed a quest upon us to find her sister, who is being unjustly held by someone on the Prime Material plane. Adolamin hails from the Prime and I’ve been curious to experience it first-hand, so I happily agreed, as did the others. We shall receive no further compensation on this quest other than goodwill from the unusual creature, but the experience should provide its own rewards.

On a side note, I find myself eager to pursue the righting of this wrong. The idea of forced servitude is impossible for me to tolerate and that a Prime would have the audacity to enslave a creature solely for its uniqueness is deeply disturbing to me.

We are teleported to the Prime and follows horse tracks into the mountains. We encounter a shepherdess named Heela, who is entranced by Sindri and Vox and my “feyness”. Honestly, I’d never thought much of my heritage, or how unusual it might appear to others. Apparently these Primes are somewhat…insulated…from the curiosities of the greater universe.

The woman virtually worshipped us, which made me rather uncomfortable, and agreed to take us to a nearby town called Flockhaven. We stopped there and learned that a “MacHune” was the governor of the town. We also learn that a “MacDougal” likely is the captor of our quest objective. Perhaps these two humans are related, given the similarities of their names. Or perhaps there is no connection amongst these apparently simple people.

We’re directed towards MacDougal’s keep and trek along a river to where it ends in a “bog”. I’ve ventured into the Hells and the Abyss themselves, and I must say that I may rather spend eternity there than spend much more time in this “bog”. Sodden land, insects in droves, the sweet stench of rot, constant moisture, and a definitive lack of solid footing made me anxious to leave the place.

As distracted as I was by my unpleasant surroundings, I almost didn’t notice the trolls that launched themselves out of the vile waters around us until they were upon us. They are dangerous and vicious creatures, these trolls. My blade would cut them deeply, but they would regenerate the wounds almost as fast as I made them. It was as if the pain spurred them on! Fortunately, either Vox or Sindri recalled some lore about how fire could put the creatures down for good. They managed to finish off the trolls once we bested them and we moved on.

Thank the gods we got out of that bog and found ourselves in another forest. As we continued towards the keep we encountered a band of gnomes, not terribly different from our own Sindri. He parlayed with them a while and we found that they were playing tricks on the locals for their own amusement and during such playing they saw MacDugal leading a horse into his dungeons. This knowledge really rubbed me badly, mother. Dungeons are for punishment, not for the storage of innocent creatures! My mood soured as we continued to the keep.

Vox decided to try to sneak in and take the lay of the land. We all stayed outside and kept watch for several hours. Oddly, Vox didn’t return and I got concerned for my strange colleague. I approached the gates with the intent of using my military background to get us in. As it turns out, these people were also more interested in our “fey” nature than any authority I possessed.

We were met by a man named “Kaypol” who is a wizard of some kind. He treated us well, believing us to be lords of the Feywild. I remember thinking how deluded and simple these Primes must be. Alas, pride comes before the fall.

We were treated to a delightful spread of food and drink while we were treated like princes. We were so enamored with the hospitality that we didn’t think to check the food for poisons. At least, not until we blacked out…

Jericho's Log - Sessions #8, 9
Working out the Big Picture

Dear Mother,

I apologize for taking so long between correspondences. My life has been rather eventful since becoming an active duty Lancer. I’ve also been wrestling with my inner demons, so to speak, which has limited my desire to put quill to paper. I’ll attempt to summarize my last few weeks’ activities.

We were tasked with acquiring some special razorvine that apparently only grows in a specific spot of the Arch Lector’s keep in Plaguemort. We traveled to the place and found ourselves confronted by the Arch Lector’s guards. Vox led our negotiations with them and eventually we acquired said razorvine. Then all Hell broke loose.

Apparently Plaguemort was literally and figuratively teetering on the edge of damnation when we arrived. Its inhabitants had been rather…immoral…apparently, and their actions had caused the city to virtually slip into the Abyss. During our attempts to acquire the razorvine, a full-out riot/coup occurred, which appeared to be led by a succubus.

We tried to save the town through diplomacy, but ultimately were forced to take the sword to the heathens. The Arch Lector was killed in the chaos (not by us) and we managed to promote “Jimmy” to the new town leader. I haven’t a clue who Jimmy is, or whether he’s fit to rule this garbage heap of a city. I just wanted out of that mess and get the opportunity to slip my blade into the demonic whore leading the riots.

After installing Jimmy into office (in a manner of speaking), we stormed the Keep itself, into which the succubus had retreated. The front gates were barred and locked and no amount of entreating would budge the guards. Fortunately, there’s always a back door. We found a way in through the kitchen and ultimately ended up in the Arch Lector’s trapped and guarded treasure room. After dealing with things in the room, we looted some nice magical artefacts and some cash.

We continued exploring the keep and found the main entry foyer guarded by demons, anchored by a huge Barlgora. The ape-like thing towered everything and I began to question our ability to deal with something so strong. It is here that I must pause my story for a moment.

Up until now, I’d been secure in my faith and felt that doing the “right” thing would ultimately allow things to work out as our Lord intended. Throughout my travels I’d tried not to judge the character of those around me and simply cut down those extra-planars I encountered who tried to kill me and my colleagues. Yet deep in my heart I felt something akin to loathing towards those who followed other faiths, creeds, or philosophies. Many of these people would dedicate themselves towards wealth, honor, or hedonism, without a thought of where their lives would ultimately take them.

I don’t believe that I’m a paragon of my Faith, but I do know that I have a clear direction in my actions and life philosophy, mother. I know that Death is ultimately the end of all things, but I do not attempt to speed along those who take the journey, unless their actions demand my intervention. Upon entering Plaguemort, I quickly found my judgement tainted by these sad souls. In an effort to end the conflict more quickly, I chose to sacrifice the townspeople rioting in the streets. I myself was not their executioner, though I may as well have swung the axe.

I left the Keep and found a large group of rioters pillaging and looting and otherwise sending themselves deeper into the Abyss. At the time, I believed that as these people were so keen on damning themselves, I might as well use their lives in one final, meaningful, purpose.

Shining with Lord Kelemvor’s light, I attracted them to the back door of the Keep and led them into the entry foyer, where the demons there quickly fell upon them. The carnage was horrific, mother! The huge demon tore the chattel apart in fist-fulls and sent the entire group into a blood frenzy. Many souls graced our Lord’s domain that day.

Using the mob as a distraction, we managed to bring down the Barlgura and contain the others long enough for us to work our way up to the upper chambers. There we found a destitute woman amidst some torture chambers. We freed her, though what good it did her doomed soul, I don’t know. We then proceeded to the roof, where the succubus we’d hunted waited with another succubus and several other demons. We fought the flying beasts as best we could, and I managed to jump down from a rooftop and cleaved the succubus in half! I was gravely injured in the effort though, and my colleagues fared little better.

We made a choice that chills my soul to this day. Sindri opened a lifestealing jar we’d acquired months ago. It captured the soul of the remaining succubus, but released a gargantuan demon upon the world. The juggernaut tore its way through the building and destroyed or chased off the remaining demons. It then strode away into the distance, to where I don’t know. We found evidence of a Marquis Fearson(?)’s plots against Plaguemort and his attempt to send them into the Abyss.

I fear that our actions in this town will have reverberating effects that we shall never know. While the townspeople were more than willing to embrace their dooms, I shouldn’t have led them to it, especially now knowing how they were deceived. Our unleashing of the beast from the jar also weighs heavily on my conscience, Mother. We haven’t the strength to destroy such a creature; I know not who would. Eventually we shall have to reckon for our actions.

I don’t know how to reconcile the guilt I feel with the knowledge that I did what was necessary to end a larger evil. I feel as though my purity is irrelevant when the greater good is threatened. How can I simply stand by and not do what I can to prevent atrocities in hopes of preserving my piety? You and father always taught me to do what was right. I now see that “right” is a relative term and that even “evil” is subjective. All that matters is resolving the situation in the way that best serves the ultimate goal.

I know that may not be the perspective you wished me to have when I chose to serve our Lord, but my cynical eyes see no other path. I believe that I may have to reaffirm my faith and place in the church in times soon to come. I believe our Lord Kelemvor has greater plans for me than simply being a helpful good-guy. I believe that he has scripted these events of my life to show me a better understanding of his desires for my future.

I also disturbs me somewhat to know that, deep down, I approve.

Sindri's Log - Session 10
Friendship is Magic

The Setup

So we’ve just recently gotten back from our exploits in the Outlands and are having a jolly good time at the local pub. We head out after last call and stumble down a few alleyways when all of a sudden a mote of light starts wavering about in the air. Just when we’re about to brush it off as some aftereffects of the ale we’ve been drinking, it opens up into a portal and a pale grey horse with a golden mane leaps out of it! We could also chalk that up to the ale but considering that I’m not ending my log here, you know that at least part of this was real.

The horse speaks to us and says that she is a daughter of Epona. She requests our aid in locating her sister who recently disappeared on a jaunt to the prime material plane. She isn’t able to pay but offers us the friendship of her and her own in exchange for our help. We readily agree and she takes us, one at a time, through a portal to the prime material plane.

The horse leads us from their frolicking site to a river where she last tracked her sister. We take the lead in the investigation from here as she portals away to her home.

It’s good to be a fey-folk

Adolamin takes point and begins looking for tracks, but doesn’t find any. However as he is the only one among us that has come from the prime material plane we decide to follow his lead.

We continue down the river for some time and eventually come across a shepherdess by the name of Gylla. She is enchanted by our fey-folk nature (it’s a good thing the two non-fey of our party weren’t around!) and kindly offers us food and lodging at her place for the night… it’s only know that we realize just how long we’ve been awake.

Gylla doesn’t know about the horse we’re looking for but gives us information about the area. There’s a town named Flockhaven ruled by the McDugall family and headed by a Governor Crista McHewn. There is also a keep nearby where the McDugalls live, however between us and it is a bog filled with trolls and a haunted forest.

Trolling around

In the morning we head back to the river and continue to follow it into the bog. Our destination being the keep where we feel we might be able to get some information about the horse. We continue through the bog stumbling once when Jericho gets stuck in some quicksand (it’s all that heavy armor of his) and again when a troll, half hidden in the marsh, springs up to attack us! He bellows a lot which attracts two more of his kin but we’re able to put them down and ensure they stay down with a bit of fire on their corpses.

We hear the distant howls of more trolls and decide it’s time to make a break for it through the bog. Luckily we don’t encounter any more quicksand and are able to safely enter the haunted forest… joy. However we soon discover a pack of gnomes and I’m more than happy to talk to them. They tell me that they’re the ones that are pulling gags on the local humans and causing the rumor of the haunted forest. We all have a pretty good laugh about it. They also tell us that McDugall led a horse bearing a similar description to the one we are searching for into his keep. We press on through the forest, determined to see this through.

Locked up

We appraise the keep when we get there and notice only a single way in and guards at the post. We’re unsure of what to do so Vox volunteers to make himself invisible and scout around. We wait patiently for almost two hours before deciding that he either found some ale, women or both.

Jericho takes the lead and we approach the front gate. He summons a pretty authoritative voice and requests quarter for all of us and a meeting with McDugall. The guards and Kay-paul, the wizard, are impressed by our being fey-folk and eagerly lead us in to their main hall. We’re given food and drink but I can’t seem to get any information about the horse from them.

That’s when it hits us… whatever poison they used to make us fall asleep. The next thing I know I’m waking up on a cold stone floor and listening to Vox’s lute!

Sindri's Log - Session 09
Lead a mob to a demon...

The Mansion

The succubus leads us to the Arclector’s mansion where we find a large mob wreaking havoc and breaking things (talk about chaos!). We sneak around the side of the mansion in order to locate another way in. Unfortunately there aren’t any open windows, but we do find a side door located behind a bush. The door leads to the mansion’s kitchen so Vaclav takes the opportunity to eat some sausage and wrap even more around his body while Vox pilfers some cheeses.

We pass through the kitchen and into the great hall. There are two ways out, through a large set of doors (which Adolamin hears loud stomping noises on the other side of) and a regular door. We pick the regular door first and are disappointed to only find the servant’s quarters with no other exit. We return to the great room and search it pretty thoroughly and Vaclav notices something weird about the fireplace. Adolamin and Vox discover a loose brick that is used to open the back of the fireplace revealing a dark hallway.

Vaclav, Adolamin and Vox go first and end up triggering, like, a bazillion traps along the way. Jericho and I head in after them when we realize they’d kinda die without our healing and catch up to them as they are dodging flame-spewing statues. We search through that room and find a trap door that leads to… the vault! We take as much as we can, including some magical items.

There’s more past the vault, an alter to Umberly with some dead bodies in a moat around it. Determining that this is the end of the hidden passage, we head back to the great room.

Never fight an ape yourself

Vox uses an invisibility spell to sneak past the double doors and scout the main entry room to report back. There is a large ape-like demon milling about with a bunch of other demons waiting for the mob to break in through the front.

Jericho gets the idea to flag down the mob and show them the hidden entrance so that we can use them as human shie…. bai… a distraction! The mob is easily led into the mansion and into the main hall. Just as they arrive Vox cuts the rope to the chandelier and drops it on the ape-demon’s head! The crowd attacks! The demons counter attack! The crowd… is ill-prepared for this kind of battle and starts dying quite quickly. We heroically run through the main entryway and upstairs!

Worst bedrooms ever

We pass into the main upstairs hallway and bar the door behind us. There are a few rooms that we search through finding… quite the demonic sites. One room held a couple women chained up and battered. Vaclav heroically broke the chains and offered the women his sausage (the actual sausages he took from the kitchen).

Another room held a voodoo torture chamber while a third held a library. I ditch all of the gold I took and fill up on books instead! Yet another room has a rune-filled torture chamber and the last has a bunch of small cages with starving people inside. Past the library is a tower with a broken staircase.

Realizing that we have to go back out to the main entryway and find a way to the roof, we swing open the barred door and fight off a bunch of demons. A lot of them run to try to wait for us to go downstairs, but we avoid that by rushing to a side door and climbing the side towers to the roof.

The roof is on fire

We find the succubus on top of the tower (the one that had the broken staircase) along with some of her minions. We fight! It’s tough staying on the roof, especially when the demons all either fight from range or can fly (or both).

After a while I decide to open the iron flask we found to get a bit of help. A huge minotaur-like demon appears and begins to wreak havoc on the roof! It’s pretty awesome. I use the now-empty flask to suck up a succubus minion (literally another succubus that is a minion for the other succubus) and we continue to fight.

After a couple demons die the rest fly off. The minotaur demon from the flask chases off after them. I’m fairly confident that that is the last we’ll see of him!

Collapse stopped

We investigate the collapsed tower and conveniently find details about the succubus’s plot to turn the town on each other to collapse it into the Abyss. We go around town to calm down the people by revealing this information then head back to the butcher’s shop and back home!

Vox tries to prove he's got a bigger Tallywacker
Vaclav goes gardening

It seems like there is always someone complaining about something. I mean I’m going to start complaining about being hired as gardeners. I mean sure who wouldn’t prefer to pick a few flowers instead of having some crazy demon hacking at your melon…or your melons, he.

Apparently our reputation is so good that random people come up to ask us to retrieve razor vines in the Outlands. These were ‘special,’ ‘highly potent,’ ‘only available here’ types of vines. Apparently the dang weeds that grow all over sigil just don’t have the right kind of uumphh. I don’t know, all the times I’ve cased a place and seen them on the walls, I avoided it, seemed pretty effective to me. I’m expecting some sort of new drug to be seen in Sigil shortly. Guess I’ll watch what I drink when I get back.

So we head to this town known as the Death of Plagues. I expect it to be pretty lively, lots of life and excitement since there isn’t any diseases. Instead it’s a bunch of riled up dirt grubbers, tired of grubbing dirt. Not sure why they’re making such a big point about it, all going to die anyway and it won’t mean much.

There was one woman who was making a ton of sense though, I swear she was the pure embodiment of lust. But boy was she confusing, saying one thing, thinking another. She must’ve convinced Vox she was after him as well, fool done pulled out his tallywacker and tried to piss all over me. Well I lost it a bit after that and the next thing I know we’re in the middle of the butcher shop again, not sure why but Sindri decided it needed remodeling and blasted it with fire, must’ve seen a spider.

Anyway I hope we see her again, I got a present for her…he he he.

Sindri's Log - Session 08
Don't shave your face with razorvine

The Setup

We’re all sitting down at a tavern (as usual) when a mage comes up to us. Apparently our reputation has gotten out since he offered us some good money for a job right out of the blue. He wants us to go to Plaugemort (an area of the Outlands pretty close to the Abyss, ruled by Arclector Bynriyarnryl) and bring back a snippet of some particularly strong razorvine that grows there.

He gave us a vial to hold it in (as it will wither quickly once pruned) and the location of a portal to bring us there. Unfortunately we need a sample of razorvine (weaker stuff) to use the portal. The portal is (oddly) located in the Hall of the Records in the clerk’s office, but we don’t have much trouble getting permission to use it. Stepping through we find ourselves in a butcher shop.

Documents for documents

We head out of the butcher shop and make our way around town. We need to find a portal to the Abyss to find the razorvine we need, but conveniently find some hanging from a gate. It looks like what we need so we approach to cut it, but a tiefling cuts us off and demands that we have a permit in order to get through the gate. We try to explain that we only want to cut some of the razorvine but he doesn’t care.

We try to find the permit office but it’s closed, we’ll need to wait until the next day. So we head to an inn named The Eye of the Dragon and quickly learn that a lot of villagers hate the Arclector. Apparently he has a secret chapel to the god Umerly. Unfortunately all this mistrust is provoking a revolution, and when things in this area are unstable it’s known to slip into the Abyss. This is bad news for us if we want to easily get home!

Revolutions in motion tend to stay in motion

A few of us want to stop the revolution so that we can get a permit the next day. Unfortunately a succubus in the inn starts riling up the crowd. Vaclav looses his shit and falls head over heels in love with her and tries to get Vox to pee on him as a show of affection… I don’t understand his tribal customs sometimes.

Vox and I sneak out to do what we should have done before… go invisible and head to the gate to just cut some damn razorvine. Unfortunately we’re spotted somehow and I have to hypnotize a guard so that we can make our escape. I cast fly on Vox to make our getaway quick. We try to go to the butcher shop but the door is closed so I quickly fireball it open… it’s going to head to the Abyss anyways, right?

Change is a-comin’

Unfortunately the revolution took hold and they killed the Arclector. Vox tries to restore some order by getting the crowd to elect one of their own as a leader. It works… for now, but we still made our way to hunt down the succubus and her minions.

Jericho's Log - Session #7
Ah, to the Hells with this...

Dear Mother,

We continued our trek to remove the curse from Adolamin’s helm. It was a nightmarish journey through the lower planes, including Gehenna, where we fought some nasty demons that infected me with a poison that weakened my soul for a short time. We progressed through Pandemonium, during which time our barbarian began acting odd. Well, odd for him anyway. Panting and acting very anxious.

We continued along the river Styx, following the boatman as he (it?) led us onward. We had no idea where we were going, so we were at the full mercy of the creature’s whims. I have to say that I wasn’t happy with that feeling at all. Still, it didn’t lead us astray. We progressed by foot once we hit the river’s terminus and went through the Bog of Somnianus, where we encountered a group of lizardmen. I thought a fight was afoot, so I attempted to intervene on the party’s behalf. I tried negotiating with the chieftain of the brutes, but he still demanded a sack full of gold for our passage. The others, being impatient, chose to pay without preamble and we continued on our way.

Eventually, we came across the town of Sylvania, which was quite wonderful and reminded me of some of the parties you and father drug me to when I was young. Vaclav partied quite a bit while we took a respite and came out no worse for wear. We continued down through the Beastlands where it was continually noon. Vaclav began really acting strangely. I began to suspect that something was amiss with the big guy.

Soon, the ever-noon plane gave way to eternal dusk. It was here where the moon was full that Vaclav’s condition showed his…er…its ugly head. Lycanthropy!!! He must have contracted it when we fought the rat men at the start of our journey. I tried to use Lord Kelemvor’s grace to cleanse the stain from the man’s body, but the condition appeared to be magical in some way. He went berserk and rampaged about, knocking us to and fro until Sindri broke out Plan Delta again. I was teleported high into the air and landed upon the raging barbarian. We managed to subdue him and tie him up until we could deal with his affliction properly. I must say that it made for an interesting break to the monotony of the journey!

Finally, we made it to Elysium and Thylasia, the source of the Oceanus. At the headwaters stood a regal angel, brilliant in its resplendent attire. You could virtually feel the divinity radiating from it. It must have been a small taste of what it’s like to truly gaze upon the face of a god. Alas, this angel was far from accommodating, however.

Even though our quest was just and righteous, the angel refused to allow us to sully the headwaters with the helm’s evil. We pleaded and cajoled but eventually, Vox managed to sneak the necessary components to Adolamin and he was able to weaken the curse’s magic enough to be rid of the blasted helm. Naturally, the angel was not amused, but we managed to escape before it could do anything to us.

I must say mother, that this trip brought me closer to my faith than I’d been in years of study and practice. Seeing all the other planes firsthand was a joy and reminded me of the vast wonders that exist in the multiverse. I’m glad that I chose to follow our Lord, since his domain of Death is the only true constant in the vast planes. While we ventured through the various aspects of the world, it occurred to me if one followed a god of Nature, or the Sun, or Knowledge, one could easily have that aspect denied them. They could be forced to live in cities, or the Underdark, or in a land where there are no books or sages. Yet to follow the master of Death is simply to experience all that life has to offer, knowing that no matter what happens, eventually I shall encounter my god at my final journey’s end.

This journey has renewed my faith even further and I ache for the opportunity to serve my Lord on even greater tasks!

Adolomin's Log - Session 8/9
when you gaze long into the abyss

While we were in the bar a mysterious stranger showed up. He offered us a job to gather him some special razor vine but we had to decide to accept the mission right then. After accepting we were able to determine that he was an alchemist and was looking for an extra hardy version of the vine for study.

The mission took us to a town at the edge of the Outlands, by the plane of Chaotic Evil. We arrived at the butcher shop, witch was also to be our departure point.

We proceeded to the location of the portal to hell, witch was said to be where the vine in question grew. The portal was in the courtyard outside the governor’s mansion. There, with some false starts, negotiated to get a pass allowing us to gather some of the vine but it was to take till the next day.

Since we had to wait we decided to find an inn for the night, at which we heard that there was going to be a revolution that night due to the evil deeds of the current governor. Knowing that such a large upheaval would have a likely outcome of shifting the whole town into the abyss, we decided to try and recover the vine immediately.

Coming to the courtyard again we found a succubus surrounded by a group of guards and riling them up to aggressively suppress the riots. While most of us stayed nearby, the mage and bard snuck over to the portal while invisible to gather the vine and once accomplished, flew away by spell. While that was happening one of our members was effected by the succubus and ended up chasing another one off.

After splitting up we were able to meet back up at our intended departure point at the butcher’s shop where we discovered that the portal was no longer functioning, thus indicating that the slide was already in progress. Deciding that we had to do something to stop the slide we decided to head back to the governor’s mansion.

We discovered there that the rioters had somehow killed the governor and that the guards were thought the town fighting the rioters. We attempted to setup one of the guards as a new governor and set off to quiet the riots.

We weren’t having much success but did discover the succubus leading the guards to attack the villagers. After a fierce battle the succubus fled and we gave chase. After a while we ended up back outside the governor’s mansion which was now barricaded and under siege by the rioters. Deciding we needed to get inside and without using the heavily guarded front door, we searched around and found a side entrance that had thus far remained unnoticed.

We entered into an empty kitchen. We the proceeded into the adjoining dining room where we found the servant’s wing and a secret passage in the fireplace. There was one other door the lead to the foyer and had a large daemon guarding it, we left that for latter.

The fireplace secret passage led down a hallway that we found (and tripped) a poison dart trap. This hallway ended in a large room. The room had a floor puzzle triggered trap that shut the door and filled the room with fire… we set that off a couple of time before figuring it all out. This room had a tile that opened up a passage through the floor to the treasure room.

We found several magic items and a pile of gold that we gathered in this room. We noticed that this room lead off into a cavern with a shrine to an evil deity. We attempted to desecrate the shrine but not sure how successful it way. We then went back to the dining room.

We decided to lead the rioters back through the kitchen entrance into the foyer to distract the guards. They distracted most of the guards as we made our way to the top floor rooms where we discovered some torture rooms, where we rescued a survivor, and the library. We then killed the guards, minus the big daemon that wandered off, to leave the rooms.

We discovered two towers that lead to the roof and discovered the succubus with several other daemons.,

Vox's Log - Adv 6.5 - Freestylin' Daemon's Lament

Day by day
Thoughts escape me
Senses rape me
Memories lie
My time flies
So I come to realize
In the end
Who made me
Darkness and death
Those who’d slay me
Its not their time
As I lay down this rhyme
I will survive
To expose their lies
In the light of day
This I say
You will fail
And be sent back to Hell!

Peace out to all my brother Sense8’s…


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