MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Session 1 - Adolamin's Log
Tour of Sigil, The Start of Something More

We received a tasking from the 42nd legion to collect several items. We were given 200 gold and 2 days to get a bolt of silk, book of law, gray rose, cauldron, funeral shroud, chaos poem, memory stone, and training certificate. The four of us headed out from the guild hall.

The silk we got from a merchant after completing a small task for her than involved selling flaming sock bottles to the Harmonium. Our wizard and his apprentice requisitioned the law book for us from the court district. The bard then told a sob story to one of the prison guards to acquire us a gray rose. We swung by the foundry and had one of the locals deliver the cauldron to the guild house for us, figuring it was better then lugging it around and easy enough to get another if they proved untrustworthy.

We headed over to the Mortuary for a funeral shroud. I acquired it from someone who graciously traded it for my finely crafted blanket. The chaos poem we got by transcribing a live-action performance by then in a local pub. The bard, as a member of the Sensates, produced the memory stone for us. We then finished up by demonstrating to the folks at the Gymnasium how members of the 42nd legion fight demons, in exchange for the training certificate.

We completed all of this in under 1 day and well within budget. Upon return to the guild hall we were given our reward and notified that we were also being promoted to knights of Platoon F, as they has recently suffered some losses.


Jericho's Log - Session #1
Exploring Sigil

Dear mother,

I’m back with the 42nd full-time now. Dad managed to get me into a relatively fresh group of guys, including a couple of guys from outside of the Cage. They seem to be a good bunch of guys, dedicated to the cause and all. Our first mission together was to assist commander Terren in acquiring some items to assist with a party for some of the higher-ups. It was a rather random assortment of items, but they did require some interesting efforts to acquire.

Most were relatively straightforward: find the faction involved with the item, negotiate with them to acquire it. We had an interesting time acquiring just a simple bolt of cloth, however. I won’t go into the details, but we managed to convince a bunch of Harmonium soldiers to march up and down the Bazaar holding up sock-covered bottled with lit candles in them. It was quite a sight, I can tell you! I’m fairly certain that the Harmonium brass don’t know who was responsible for the somewhat undignified treatment their soldiers received, but I can tell you that the vendors in the Bazaar certainly remember us. As you always told me, “Make as many friends as you can, as you never know when you’ll need one to watch your back.” I think the vendors we helped will be willing to pass on some of the less known information to us should we need it.

We also visited the Cyphers and were required to prove our martial prowess against several waves of demons. They were no match for our combined might, and my colleagues showed themselves to be quite capable in combat. I’m troubled though, mother. I felt the rage again during that encounter. The weakling demons were hardly worth my effort, but the final demon, a Vrock, stirred the feelings within me again. I nearly lost control in my desire to see that beast ripped apart and sent back to the Abyss where it belongs! I fear that I may lose control at a time when my comrades need me most. Please pray that Lord Kelemvore helps me in such times that I don’t shirk my duty as one of his knights in the desire to bring destruction to those creatures that wield the power of Death so selfishly.

Love to you and peace in life,


Sindri's Log - Session 01
A tour of Sigil

Adventure begins!

Our team is formed! I already knew Vox as he is one of my former students. Adolamin seems like a nice, quiet fellow with a hidden power and Jericho seems fairly talkative and easy to get along with.

Since we are still grunts without any rank in the 42nd Lancers, we still have to take on whatever job the higher ups deem worthy to give us. Today we are assigned to head around Sigil and collect up 6 items! We have 2 days and 200 gold to do so. I’m a bit excited, as I love touring the place. We decide to pick a direction and stay with it until we loop back around to our barracks.

Bazaar cloths for Candlesocks

We first head to the great bazaar where we are sure to find the cloth item we need. We meet a few strange merchants (one even sold wool socks which I decided to purchase!) and end up meeting a half-man/half-lion fellow who has the cloth we need.

We don’t have the gold to buy it outright, but he’s willing to trade as long as we can make fools out of some Harmonium troops that are hassling a salesman who can’t pay his taxes. Jericho takes point on this one to distract the guards. Trying to think of anything humorous, I decide to combine the three items we have recently come across (candles, socks and bottles) into one item and try to sell the invention to the Guvner and Harmonium. Jericho makes the idea stick and gets them to prance around while Vox and Adolamin infiltrate the crowd to get them all laughing at them. It (surprisingly) works!

With the cloth in hand, we head to the next stop.

Law books don’t care about Candlesocks

We head to the courts next for a book of law. We find a lawyer who is willing to talk to us, but doesn’t seem to have the slightest interest in our Candlesock patent. Jericho was even on fire describing it, too!

Vox snuck out and was able to find someone willing to give us a law book for free!

Roses are… gray?

We next head to the prison for a gray rose. Vox is able to smooth-talk a guard to go get one for us! What a nice guy!

Cauldrons are heavy

Next up was the foundry. It was surprisingly easy to go in and purchase the bronze cauldron we needed, but unfortunately no one was really wanting to carry it all the way back to base. Luckily there are people outside ready to make deliveries for us! The man we payed to haul it off didn’t even steal it! Lucky!!

Sad day for a funeral

By the time we got to the mortuary we could feel the downhill slope of our tasks easing things along. We were definitely flying through these orders now!

Adolamin knew his way around this place and was able to find an unused funeral shroud for us. That was fortunate because the combined efforts of Jericho and Vox were not enough to convince anyone to sell us one!

Chaotic poems can kill you!

We then head to the slums to find someone willing to deliver a chaos poem to us. Vox gets some drunks to start singing in a bar and all of a sudden a brawl breaks out! I high-tailed it out of there so I wasn’t able to see much of what happened, but I did write down everything that was said. Good thing I had that parchment handy!

Vox remembers our first meeting!

We next head to the Sensates to get a memory stone. Since Vox is a member he was able to forge one himself, though he had to make a copy for their collection. He recounted our first meeting together! I’ll admit that it was an interesting night, but hopefully it wont end up causing more break-ins at the library!

Almost home

Our final destination was the gymnasium for a training certificate. Unfortunately they don’t just sell those… but they were interested in our strength as members of the 42nd Lancers so they were willing to give us one if we could prove our worth in combat.

Their battle arena was quite interesting and we ended up fighting wave-after-wave of summoned demons. The last one was a real beast and I ended up going through all my spells. It was extinguishing but exciting! With friends like these I probably wont end up eaten by a courl like my dad!

Home at last

We completed our task in record time, but it was a full day of effort. We had some good news though! Company F was apparently wiped out on their latest mission (bad news for them) and with that vacancy we were officially promoted!

Our next mission will most likely lead us out of Sigil and to another plane! I can’t wait!

Session 2 - Adolamin's Log
Sunlight waters and sandy beaches... not so much

Our first real mission as Knights of the 42nd Legion. The 42nd Legion had received a request to rescue a young girl by the name of Beatrice from the fortress of a devil lord named Bel located in the first level of Baator, Avernus. She was apparently a daughter of one of the factals (of the Godsmen) and was being used as a bargaining chip and blackmail. Indications were that Bel was marching to war and this would be the Legion’s best chance to infiltrate without him being there. Company F, ours, was tasked with the recovery.

We did some basic preparations and found a way to Avernus by way of a portal located in an abandoned wizard’s tower (apparently the Lady of Pain didn’t like him opening portals to the Abys), though we lacked the means of returning. We also received two additional, and conflicting, requests. One from the Bleak Cabal to rescue a cousin of one of their factals who’d also been captured by Bel’s forces and another from the Sinners to leave him there.

We traveled through the portal in the tower to Avernus where we encountered a Spinagon (Spined Devil) named Howitzer that we questioned for information. We didn’t kill him but some of our members were a little… extreme on making sure he wouldn’t tell anyone we were there. In preparation for our departure we got information from him on how to leave and he informed us of a witch that might be able to help us.

Using his information we began our trek across the wasted land and across a river of blood, which we had to ford (apparently devils don’t need or build bridges… at least around there). We came to her cave in the base of the 1st mountain by the River of Blood and were able to convince her we weren’t devils. She told us the she didn’t know the way out but to ask the Pillar of Skulls and directed there. She also asked us for Liscveet grass and bat skulls but we had none.

After crossing the river of blood we came to the Pillar of skulls and, after some talking and a short fight, traded some devils for the information on how to get out. We were informed about the Pit Fiend portal and that the key was a brick from the yellow brick road, the Averness Road. Armed with this information we checked on the fortress to find the forces still amassing, so we investigated the portal. The guardian there said he’d let us pass if we brought his orb through with us, stating it wouldn’t harm us directly… We didn’t agree to at the time and told him we’d consider.

Returning to the fortress we saw the forces, led by Bel, head out. After getting some of the bricks for our departure, we snuck in through the back of the fortress (for the most part) and were able to quickly find both hostages. Though we did want to do the Sinners a favor, we couldn’t leave the lad to his fate so we rescued both and made our escape.

We moved with haste toward the portal out. Several of our members made it through before the guardian had a chance to act. I had no intention of taking his orb, who knows what it would do, but one of our members took it and went through before I could do anything about it. There were no signs of it on the other side.

We escorted the hostages back to their respective contacts and completed our first real mission as Knights of the 42nd Legion’s F Company.

Vaclav goes to Hell...again
F Troop rescues a Factal daughter in Bel's Fortress

So some new people showed up in F Troop the last week. It’s good as I was getting tired of marshalling by myself. Not sure who’s in charge yet, doesn’t matter as most of them will be dead soon. Not that it matters either.

The Captain decided we needed to pick up someone’s lost child in Hell. Great another opportunity to go to hell…We’ve got to rescue someone’s daughter, aren’t we all someone’s child? Why this one in particular? Guess the Captain is working it some way, I just hope we get many coins.

Getting to hell is always tricky, bring this doll, touch this torch, eat this maggot. Why can’t there just be a simple door you open and just walk in? The thing I like about hell is I get to kill whatever I want. Of course the new troopers wouldn’t let me kill the door keeper, “let it live they whine.” Smashing its knees, elbows, ankles, wrists and fingers seemed a little cruel. It’d been kinder to kill it outright. Guess I’m not in charge of killing things then.

We traveled to a witches cavern (for some reason) and then went to a pillar of skulls. All sorts, large, small, humanoid, non-humanoid, but all jabbering away. The noise was annoying. My companions were having a tea party just jabbering away with these things. One green little gobbers voice rubbed me the wrong way, “come closer, let me taste you, give me your fingers.” I had to smash it, its death was quick! The rest of the heads began wailing, I didn’t hit them! Luckily I was able to take my frustration and anger on new devils that heard the screaming.

We snuck into Bel’s fortress after his many many many devils left. My companions were smart to not challenge his horde. Unfortunately they weren’t smart enough to run and hide when the many devils came out to surround us. I doubt they’ll live long if they don’t survive like me. My companions got lucky and beat the many devils but if they keep fighting instead of running they’ll be the 38th group of F troop to die since I’ve joined them.

We rescued the daughter and the other the urchin asked to rescue. All of us survived this trip, which hasn’t happened in F Troop for quite some time. The captain gave us many gold pieces. I better give many to Madame Tilly’s Orphanage. I wonder what she has to eat?

Sindri's Log - Session 02
A tour of the first layer of Hell

The Setup

Our first mission! We are tasked with fetching a young girl by the name of Beatrice from the archdevil Bel. Apparently she is the daughter of some unnamed Factol and was recently kidnapped by Bel’s minions. Apparently they are trying to use her as blackmail. However that means that the devils were somehow able to get into Sigil and back to Avernus… information on those portals could be quite interesting!

We headed out and investigated around to find out how to get to Avernus. We were able to determine that a few years ago a mage tried to open a portal there but was struck down by The Lady of Pain. Seems like a good place to start!

On our way to the mage’s old house we were approached by someone asking us to rescue another man from Bel’s grasp (no problem!). Apparently there was a second person asking us to kill that man, but I didn’t hear about it until we had rescued him (spoilers!).

The Portal

We made good time getting to the ruins of the mage’s place. We also saw tracks! Apparently we are not the first to make this trip. Some of the place was ransacked but I was able to pick up a very interesting book describing portal-making. I will definitely need to study that later.

In one of the rooms we found a symbol that was quite obviously part of the portal structure. I entered first and was whisked away to Avernus! My team members followed shortly. On the other side was some ruins and a very large horn…. plus a demon! He tried to hide from us but wasn’t successful. We got a bit of information about him, mainly that he didn’t know anything about Bel’s plans and that there was a witch to the east that might know of a portal back to Sigil. It was a tough call figuring out what to do with the devil… I didn’t want to kill him in cold blood but it would definitely give away our presence to Bel if left alone. We decided to break its wings and break the signal horn.

The River (part 1)

There are rivers of blood in hell! Who knew? (That was sarcasm, of course I knew) Adolamin popped out some of his cool moves and hopped to the other side pretty quickly. I took a more strategic plan and summoned a floating disk for Vox and Arsyn to ride on while I perched myself on Vaclav’s shoulders as he waded through to the other side. Everyone praised my cleverness (or they would have if we had more time).

The Witch

We approached the witch’s cave but were stopped by her force field. She came out to greet us (a little roughly) but she was willing to talk to us after we convinced her that we weren’t devils (Vaclav excluded). She didn’t know anything about Bel either, or the portal… but did seem to think that the Tower of Skulls to the southwest might know something about the portal.

We have to cross the river again….

The River (part 2)

Same thing as part 1.

The Tower of Skulls

The Tower of Skulls is… a tower of skulls! Who knew? (This is sarcasm again) They were all babbling away – quite loudly to boot – about random nonsense. They quieted down when they noticed us approaching and asked us why we were there. We asked about the portal but they wanted something in return… they made many demands, some of it involved touching the tower… which we didn’t want to do. One of the requests was to throw a devil onto it which could probably be accomplished pretty easily…

Eventually Vaclav got bored and smashed one of the skulls causing the whole tower to scream in pain. That attracted 3 devils which we dispatched easily and tossed onto the tower. From that we were able to learn where the portal was and that the key would be a brick from the road south of Bel’s fortress. They also told us that some huge beast was guarding the portal (scary)!

The River (part 3)

This was a lot like part 2 except we were attacked by a blood worm! it totally bit Vaclav but I was able to hold on while he thrashed around. We quickly killed it and decided not to eat it.

The Fortress (part 1)

There was a huge host of devils south of the fortress! Bel hadn’t left for the front lines of the Blood War like we were told! We decided to check out the portal first.

The Portal (part 1)

The portal was a bit unassuming and was guarded by a lone man (not as… scary?). He noticed us right away, even when Vox Tagleon turned invisible and tried to approach. He told us that he would let us pass so long as we took an orb to the other side… It’s a trap!

The Fortress (part 2)

We waited outside the fortress for a bit until the host was fully gathered and finally left. We headed down to the road first to locate the portal-key-brick so that we could have it in hand after our daring rescue. After looking around for a bit and not noticing anything that might be a portal key, we figured out that the Tower’s message probably meant that any brick would do!. We each took one.

A lot of us are sneaky! Bonus! With most of the devils gone, only a handful were left to patrol Bel’s fortress. We slipped in through the cracks in the patrol, but eventually we were found out. Some devils tried to fight us, but we were crafty and picked them off. I was able to distract one by making it think an angel had come down to fight it (crafty, right?!?) while we focused on the others.

With the devils defeated we were quickly able to make our way to some dungeons which contained both Beatrice and the man we were looking for! Turned out they were totally in love!! We headed out of the fortress but were spotted on our way out and chased by devils!

The Portal (part 2)

We ran to the portal! Devils chasing us all the way! The guardian was about there to stop us so I tried to tell everyone to bum-rush it to the portal. I slipped by with a teleport and Vaclav slipped by with a speed-increasing spell. The others were stuck, though and Arsyn took the orb from the guardian in order to pass. When he stepped through it had turned to dust (mystery for a later time).

The Aftermath

We made good pay for getting Beatrice out of there. Hopefully we earned some points for our reputation as well!

Session 3 - Adolamin's Log
A Maze Zing

We were given a task from the 42nd Legion itself to recover a famed flaming sword of Vardis Timlen from the depths of one the Lady of Pain’s mazes. The 42nd Legion had known the location of the maze’s entrance for some time but had just found the means of leaving it. We were provided exacting instructions on both how to enter and how to leave the maze.

After gathering up our gear we proceeded to travel through Sigil and enter the maze without incident. Once there we proceeded to track/wander our way through the maze, marking our paths as we went (eventually using chalk). We kept taking the right most new path but the turns didn’t seem to add up right…

Eventually we can to a central chamber, the one that our directions on our departure started us from, and happened upon another group looking for the sword. I think one of my companions called them Githyankei, or something. We came to blows and after a surprisingly tough fight were able to… solve our differences.

We proceeded to follow several paths from the room and, despite the logic of our travels, ended up re-entering the room through the original door each time. We came across several empty rooms, a storage room that somehow had the leftovers from our earlier fight, and eventually a room that appeared to be Vardis Timlen’s bedchamber. From there we were able to track him down by the noises he was making. We convinced him to trade his sword for us taking him out of the maze, though he wouldn’t give it up before then.

Then, following the directions we were given, we proceeded to take him to the exit. We had to fight another group after his sword on our way out, led by a nasty spell caster. Once they were defeated we make our way to the secret door to the room with the portal only to find yet another group already there waiting, a woman leading 4 cat-taurs creatures.

We tried negotiations but she kept just telling us to give her the sword. Eventually she must have ensorced one of our companions because he attacked us… namely trying to punch me in the nuts. We use magic to shroud the room in darkness and, with some dexterity and fumbling, made our way through the portal following our mysterious barbarian friend who took-off at full speed. The woman made it through before me and when I arrived neither her nor our barbarian were in sight. Since I was still be chased and punched at I made my way into the city and back to the barracks, where we all meetup and were able to present the sword to the 42nd Legion.

Latter, Vardis Timlen sent us a letter of gratitude and a magic flask for getting him out of the maze.

Jericho's Log - Session #3
A little jaunt through the mazes

Dear Mother,

I was called away to assist the Church with some minor negotiations in the Outlands, and spent way too much time talking in circles with boring dignitaries. How people can become politicians is beyond my understanding. Duplicitous knaves, they are. After such a taxing chore, I was pleased to be assigned a more worthy task by Commander Terrin.

You remember the tales of Vardis Timlen? Factor of the old Expansionists group? Terrin assigned us to enter the maze to which the Lady of Pain had exiled him and retrieve Lightbringer from him. I was a bit taken aback that such a bold task be given to such a relatively green company, but orders are orders.

Shortly after entering the maze, we encountered a pair of Githyanki also on the hunt for Timlen’s sword. They appeared to be a knight and a squire of sorts. They fought every bit as impressively as in the stories Master Queale told us in school. The knight even had a Silver Sword! By Kelemvor’s beard it was every bit as beautiful and terrible as tales suggest!

I tried to claim the sword as a spoil of the encounter, but our barbarian Vaclav rightly suggested that the knight’s armor was far more helpful to me. This plate mail is gorgeous, mother! I almost regret wearing it into combat for fear of it becoming damaged, but it appears to be even more sturdy than the normal plate I’ve encountered. I must also admit that I enjoy the looks I get from those around the city. I see mixed stares of amazement and sheer envy. I know I shouldn’t enjoy such things, but it is a trophy well-earned. I sincerely hope that word gets out to the fiends that the Paladin-in-Gith-Armor is hunting them down! That should cause no small amount of concern in their blackened hearts.

Anyhow, we eventually managed to locate Timlen and convinced him to give up Lightbringer without a fight. I was surprised at this, but I guess decades of living exiled in an ever-changing maze makes a man desperate for his freedom. However, as we were heading to the exit, we were ambushed by a half-dozen gnolls lead by a what appeared to be a chasme demon. It was a pitched battle, but thanks to skillful use of magic by our mage, Sindri, we cut our way through the demonic wretches.

I’d tried my best to get to the chasme before it could use its resistance to normal weapons against my friends, but was delayed. By the time I got an opening, I was in a virtual blood-rage not unlike my barbarian ally. I found my opening and called out to Lord Kelemvor for aid! His wrath and might manifested in my blade and in a single stroke, Its demonic armor parted as easily as paper as I smote the unholy beast in two! Truly none of these wicked creatures can stand against me while Kelemvor is by my side!!!

Alas, our trek was not so epically ended. It seems that the knowledge of how to escape Timlen’s prison wasn’t the closely guarded secret we were lead to believe. As we were preparing to open the portal out, we were confronted by a beautiful woman who lead a pack of what Master Queale says were “wemics.” They were sort of like centaurs, but lion instead of horse. Anyhow, the woman skillfully negotiated with us to hand over Lightbringer to her, but Arsyn and Sindri refused. I couldn’t understand their hesitation. I mean, she made a very sound argument that the sword would be better cared for by her and her men. In fact, it angered me so much when Adolamin refused to cooperate with her that I felt compelled to attack him and beat some sense into him.

I don’t recall much of what happened during that whole struggle, but I know there was an intense darkness and Adolamin refused to acknowledge his poor judgement. We managed to escape the maze through a small blue portal and ended up back in Sigil. I chased Adolamin all the way back to the barracks, while the rest of the group made their own way home.

I wish I’d talked with that woman again. She was truly a remarkable sight, that one. It’s a shame I never saw her again. Vaclav claims she was a cambion in disguise, but I’m sure my training would have allowed me to recognize such a fiend. And what does he know of devils?? I do have to admit a small amount of doubt, though.

The others all claim she wasn’t what she appeared to be. I don’t know them all that well, but they wouldn’t deliberately deceive me, would they? I also find my sudden willingness to aid a complete stranger against the wishes of my commander a bit disturbing. Perhaps there was some fiendish beguilement involved. I shall have to be more vigilant in the future.

Again, I’m concerned about the rage that fills me, mother. That chasme brought forth such a heat of anger and hatred within me that I thought my armor would melt! Why do these creatures affect me so? The priests at the temple tell me it’s because of father’s condition, but I can’t help but feel that there’s more to it. I feel the rage, like the barbarian, but it’s different. He claims that his rage is a primal anger. Mine feels more divinely inspired. When I see a demon before me, threatening my friends, I feel a momentary touch of our Lord’s hand, such as when I meditate and pray for guidance.

I don’t know what it means, but I feel that my place in Lord Kelemvore’s Knights may not be entirely set. I feel that there’s more he will ask of me, yet I know not what it is. Pray for me, mother, that I might serve our Lord well and preserve the safety of my charges.

Love always,


Sindri's Log - Session 03
An A-MAZE-ing Adventure

The Setup

Master Terrin called us in the middle of mealtime to give us our next mission. This time he told us about a former Factum Vardis Timlen of the (ex-)Expansionists. He was thrown into a maze after he tried to kill The Lady of Pain, along with his legendary sword… which is what we are to retrieve.

Apparently the entrance to his personal maze has been well-known for some time, but the way out was only recently discovered. We need to get one of the plates of food presented to Vardis each day and follow a specific route to search for a secret door. Through that door we’ll find a portal whose key is the plate we recovered.

On our way!

We take care of a little shopping first. Vaclav really likes scaring the vendors here! And Arsyn enjoys helping to keep their stalls clean (what a nice guy!).

As we head towards the portal entrance we pass a large crowd with a condemned man on display. Apparently he was caught selling records and has been sentenced to death by Wyrm… not a fun sight. I know that judgements can be harsh for dastardly crimes, but I wouldn’t want to stick around to watch it unfold.

As we push through the crowd, Vaclav and Arsyn help to steady attendees that look like they’re going to fall over.

Enter the maze

The maze’s entrance is located in an inn. Jericho took one look at the demons that populate the inn and punched Vaclav! Weird!! Luckily we’re not here for too long or else Vaclav would seriously retaliate!

We are escorted to the maze’s portal and we step in (Terrin gave us a rose as the portal key). The first thing I notice about this maze is that it has a number of turns and is a bit hard to navigate around in, who would have thought?! I use some chalk to mark intersections so we can try to keep track of it, though I worry some might rub off when Vaclav urinates on them.

The statue

Eventually we come across a door and hear two voices on the other side. No one knows the language but Vaclav is able to hear them thanks to a quick spell. We decide to enter and see two Githyanki who suddenly attack us!

I try to pin one down under a mound of magical webbing, but he simply teleported right out of it! No fair! We proceed to gang up on one of them, then chase the other around the room until we finally catch him in a corner and take him out as well. One of them had fancy-shmancy plate armor which Jericho equipped right-away (without even cleaning it of Githyanki body odor!).

This room also had an empty bowl which we took for later.


We spend A LOT more time walking around the maze. We hit a few rooms, one had the bodies of the two Githyanki we killed (which was weird) and another human (also dead) that we had not seen before. A second room held some sleeping stuff.

Eventually we heard a voice talking to itself and ran across an old fellow with a sword. It was Vardis!! Lucky us! Arsyn convinced him to follow us to the exit where he would give us his sword in exchange for the way out. Back to the statue room!

On our way out

The Githyanki might have been a clue, but there were definitely others in here searching for Vardis and his sword. Seems like the way out had become more common knowledge than we knew.

On our way out we came across a bunch of gnolls led by some bug demon. I stuck a few with some more webbing and Arsyn threw out some darkness so they couldn’t see us to launch ranged attacks. He and Adolamin took point to prevent the gnolls from coming out of the darkness, but that didn’t stop the bug demon from stinking up the place with a nasty spell. Boo him! We were all coughing quite a fit!!

After we killed all of them we found the secret door easily enough. Arsyn took ahold of the sword while I opened the secret door… and was promptly met with a few spears in my face! A woman stood behind some cat-type creatures (I couldn’t get a good look due to the aforementioned spears) and demanded the sword from us. The nerve she had! She could have tried to find Vardis herself instead of setting up shop at the portal and waiting for others to do her dirty work for her!!

Arsyn tried to negotiate with her but it wasn’t working out too well. Eventually Jericho let his libedo get the best of him and decided to try to get the sword from us in order to get in her good graces. Apparently he next thought that Adolamin was a serious contender for her affections because he began punching him in the groin! Over and over again! It was crazy!


Vaclav threw out a darkness spell in the portal room and I quickly closed the door. We formulated a quick plan to rush into the room during the darkness and confusion and race into the portal. Arsyn took point since he could see in the darkness and guided us in.

Vaclav and I made it in first but we were quickly followed by the woman and one of the cat things. Vaclav took off claiming he had the sword and the woman suddenly sprouted wings and shed her disguise to reveal that she was a devil of sorts! Jericho will be so disappointed!

The rest of the group followed and we high tailed it out of there to meet back up at the 42nd Lancer’s headquarters. The devil-woman took off and Vardis also decided to go his own way. He eventually sent us a letter of thanks along with a nifty flask! I identified his sword to find out that the sword itself, while a decent magical weapon, was not an artifact after all. We handed it over and collected our reward for a job well done.

I’m sure the devil-woman has forgiven us and releasing Vardis to the modern-day populace will have no repercussions what-so-ever! I’ll make some notes of the maze to give to the Governors in case someone there is interested in The Lady of Pain’s traps.


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