42nd Lancers

One of the most respected mercenary companies in the Cage and across the Great Ring. Maintains a large dormatory, training grounds, and meeting hall in the Market / Guildhall ward along Redwing Road in Sigil. The 42nd Lancers are as famous for their success and wealth as they are infamous for their high death rate. They always get the job done, where others failed, dubbed the ’2nds.

The Lancers were once part of an army on some backwater prime world. The world was invaded by demons through a gaping portal. The bravest of their cohort, the knights of the 42nd Lancers Regiment fought back against the demons at the head of their army. When it came time to seal the rift to the Abyss, the mages of that world thought someone had to go through to ensure its closure. The Lancers readily agreed. They charged through the portal as it sealed behind them, forever blocking the way home. However, the lancers continued their charge through the Abyss, and though they lost many of their numbers, they eventually made it to Sigil. There they found their prowess, bravery, and skill was a valuable commodity and set up shop, becoming quite wealthy and drawing eager young adventurers to their sprawling headquarters.

Now 372 years later, the Lancers enjoy respect and high fees. They’ll take nearly any job and always get it done. The grand masters enjoy most of the Lancers wealth from their private residences above the great hall. There are only a handful at any one time and they rarely come out of their retirement except to meet with the political and social elite of Sigil.

The active heads of the company are the Masters who take an active role in securing jobs and dealing with clients. Numbering about a dozen, they occasionally lead a group of knights on the toughest missions. They take hefty fees from each job, and enjoy all the amenities of the Lancers headquarters.

The primary force of the 2nds, the Knights, are promoted from only the bravest and toughest soldiers. They lead most high paying missions, and earn a nice living. Formed into companies of a half dozen or so Knights each, they compete with each other for prestige, from the lowly G company to the elite A company. They enjoy good fees for their missions and can live in reasonable residences in the Lancer’s HQ.

Soldiers, almost universally called Grunts, are the lowest of the 2nds. They are primarily responsible for the high death rate among the Lancers. Many would-be heroes join the Lancers seeking to acquire fame and fortune, but very few make it out of this lowest rank. Common belief is that many are killed, but most are simply let go by the lancers, replaced by younger, hungier new recruits. They are arranged into Squads of a dozen or so, numbered 1 through XX, depending on how many decent soldiers are available. They can live in spartan barrack in the Lancers HQ, but everything else except the training grounds are off limits.

42nd Lancers

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