Guvner's Log of Barmy Street Event Catechism 10 127

Guvner’s log regarding Barmy Street Event, Catechism 10th, year 127 of our dear Factol Hashkar’s reign
As recored by factotum Juniver Codsworth

In respose to hearing of numerous Harmonium patrols being dispatched to a section of the Lower Ward adjacent to the Ditch, I was sent to investigate and record the event. At the end of Barmy Street, near the Fhurling Bridge, I encountered an alarming scene. A group of residents had gathered into a mob and were being held back by the Harmonium patrols. All watched as a section of housing collapsed into the Ditch. As this was recorded duly by a member of the Guvners, we are officially recognizing this section of the Lower Ward as having passed into the Hive Ward. Dabus were seen on the Hive side of the ditch constructing new tenements as the Ditch’s flow shifted towards the Lower Ward.

Attempts to gather information from the residents were fruitless as they had been whipped into a ferver by the events. Inquiting with the Harmonium patrolls, we discovered the source of their anger. It seems that as the shore of the ditch began eroding towards their houses, the residents began to shore up their works in earnest. However, a group of Doomguard arrived and used force to remove them from the area. The residents were nearly powerless against the well armed group of Doomguard. They began to riot and several were killed in the exchange before the Harmonium arrived.

The Harmonium wisely forced the residents back, for their own good, as they were in grave danger from the Doomguard. When the Harmonium attempted to remove the Doomguard from the premises, they found themselves unable to, overwhelmed by the Doomguard’s might. The captain of this Harmonium patrol, one Leshan Portsmon, claims that the doomguard sent a Champion of Entropy, wielding a terrible entropy blade of ash, to the scene to assist in the Sinker’s demented plan. This was impossible to confirm, howerever, as the situation was very unsable with houses collapsing into the ditch rapid succession, aided by the Doomguard. Attempts to talk to the Sinkers were forcefully repelled.

For several hours I remained on the scene, observing from a safe distance, until the Ditch ceased its movement into Lower Ward. At that point no more houses moved Hive-ward and the Sinkers dispersed. It took some time after that for the mob to fully disperse, some to go look for new housing in the Lower Ward, and others sullenly heading in to the Hive to look at the new tenements the Dabus had built during the collapse of their own homes.

In this observer’s opinion, this is a continuation of the slow movement of Lower Ward sections into the Hive Ward that has been occuring since the collapse of Aoskar’s temple. Further observations should be made to determine what other sections are likely to move in order to help residents of those areas. It is unknown at this time what the Doomguard want with this, other than to simply revel in the destruction, as they are wont to do. Inquiries should be made at a higher faction level regarding their behavior. Recommend an official envoy be sent to the Armoury to demand a response.

Guvner's Log of Barmy Street Event Catechism 10 127

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