Sindri's Meeting with Vox

One night about 15 years ago I woke up in the middle of the main library. I had been doing some late night reading and passed out in the middle of a story about Gezra’kthi the Brave. Suddenly I heard a noise within the library, which was not always strange as there were usually a couple other researchers or students here late at night.

I stood up and started to make my way to the door when I saw something odd down one of the aisles. Crouched down and stuffing books into a knapsack was none other than Vox Tahleon! I calmly asked what he was up to… I hadn’t recognized him in any of my classes before. Surprisingly he grabbed his knapsack and took off like a bolt of lightning!

I called out and began to chase him down the hall. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I had to stop him as he wasn’t following the proper library checkout procedures. He was definitely faster than I, but I knew more about the library that he did and was able to cut corners to keep up. Eventually he found himself at a dead-end hallway and had no choice but to turn and confront me head on.

Panting, I asked him what he was up to. He told me that he was a new student and was just trying to check out some books for class. He sounded unsure, but new students are always confused by our rules and procedures. I let out a laugh and began explaining how things worked, eventually getting lost in my own explanations until the sun came up.
Finally realizing what time it was I led Vox back to the library so he could return the books he had borrowed. It was then that we realized he didn’t have a library card, nor was he even registered for classes! What an embarrassing situation for him! I felt bad so I spent the day taking him around the campus to get him registered and filling out all the paperwork he would need.

Vox turned out to be quite an interesting student. He was quick to learn some magic and did quite well in my classes. He spent many a night studying with other female students, and even developed an interest in the local greenhouses. When I asked him what field of botany he was interested in, he told me “Definitely not drugs!” I laughed and told him that there were indeed a lot of choices in that field, and it was good to narrow it down, even if just a little.

Eventually Vox graduated and started hanging out with the Sensates. He and I kept in touch, as I enjoy hearing about all the interesting things my students do once they’re done with formal schooling. Recently he came to me and told me about joining the 42nd Lancers, and that is where our tale begins!

Sindri's Meeting with Vox

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