The Sigil Daily Courant Sav 26 127

The Sigil Daily Courant.

Savorus 26 127

From Sir Vicsen Halkyard, Clerk’s Ward

It seems the Bleak Cabal have no end to their charitable deeds. Today the 12th soup kitchen opened in the lower ward to a long line of hungry retches. The Madmen have been on a spree opening such establishments across the lower ward, expanding out of their usual haunt in the Hive. Many of the city’s working poor are praising the Cabal for their outreach. But those in the Cage’s cleaner wards suspect some more sinister motive. None know for sure the dark of it.

The establishments themselves are dreary affairs with no decor to speak of and little to cheer up the hungry tides who line up near mealtimes. When asked about the fast pace of new locations, the Cabal responded with their typical closed mouthed sullen silence. One Cabal member would say…

The Sigil Daily Courant Sav 26 127

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