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Jericho's Log - Session #3

A little jaunt through the mazes

Dear Mother,

I was called away to assist the Church with some minor negotiations in the Outlands, and spent way too much time talking in circles with boring dignitaries. How people can become politicians is beyond my understanding. Duplicitous knaves, they are. After such a taxing chore, I was pleased to be assigned a more worthy task by Commander Terrin.

You remember the tales of Vardis Timlen? Factor of the old Expansionists group? Terrin assigned us to enter the maze to which the Lady of Pain had exiled him and retrieve Lightbringer from him. I was a bit taken aback that such a bold task be given to such a relatively green company, but orders are orders.

Shortly after entering the maze, we encountered a pair of Githyanki also on the hunt for Timlen’s sword. They appeared to be a knight and a squire of sorts. They fought every bit as impressively as in the stories Master Queale told us in school. The knight even had a Silver Sword! By Kelemvor’s beard it was every bit as beautiful and terrible as tales suggest!

I tried to claim the sword as a spoil of the encounter, but our barbarian Vaclav rightly suggested that the knight’s armor was far more helpful to me. This plate mail is gorgeous, mother! I almost regret wearing it into combat for fear of it becoming damaged, but it appears to be even more sturdy than the normal plate I’ve encountered. I must also admit that I enjoy the looks I get from those around the city. I see mixed stares of amazement and sheer envy. I know I shouldn’t enjoy such things, but it is a trophy well-earned. I sincerely hope that word gets out to the fiends that the Paladin-in-Gith-Armor is hunting them down! That should cause no small amount of concern in their blackened hearts.

Anyhow, we eventually managed to locate Timlen and convinced him to give up Lightbringer without a fight. I was surprised at this, but I guess decades of living exiled in an ever-changing maze makes a man desperate for his freedom. However, as we were heading to the exit, we were ambushed by a half-dozen gnolls lead by a what appeared to be a chasme demon. It was a pitched battle, but thanks to skillful use of magic by our mage, Sindri, we cut our way through the demonic wretches.

I’d tried my best to get to the chasme before it could use its resistance to normal weapons against my friends, but was delayed. By the time I got an opening, I was in a virtual blood-rage not unlike my barbarian ally. I found my opening and called out to Lord Kelemvor for aid! His wrath and might manifested in my blade and in a single stroke, Its demonic armor parted as easily as paper as I smote the unholy beast in two! Truly none of these wicked creatures can stand against me while Kelemvor is by my side!!!

Alas, our trek was not so epically ended. It seems that the knowledge of how to escape Timlen’s prison wasn’t the closely guarded secret we were lead to believe. As we were preparing to open the portal out, we were confronted by a beautiful woman who lead a pack of what Master Queale says were “wemics.” They were sort of like centaurs, but lion instead of horse. Anyhow, the woman skillfully negotiated with us to hand over Lightbringer to her, but Arsyn and Sindri refused. I couldn’t understand their hesitation. I mean, she made a very sound argument that the sword would be better cared for by her and her men. In fact, it angered me so much when Adolamin refused to cooperate with her that I felt compelled to attack him and beat some sense into him.

I don’t recall much of what happened during that whole struggle, but I know there was an intense darkness and Adolamin refused to acknowledge his poor judgement. We managed to escape the maze through a small blue portal and ended up back in Sigil. I chased Adolamin all the way back to the barracks, while the rest of the group made their own way home.

I wish I’d talked with that woman again. She was truly a remarkable sight, that one. It’s a shame I never saw her again. Vaclav claims she was a cambion in disguise, but I’m sure my training would have allowed me to recognize such a fiend. And what does he know of devils?? I do have to admit a small amount of doubt, though.

The others all claim she wasn’t what she appeared to be. I don’t know them all that well, but they wouldn’t deliberately deceive me, would they? I also find my sudden willingness to aid a complete stranger against the wishes of my commander a bit disturbing. Perhaps there was some fiendish beguilement involved. I shall have to be more vigilant in the future.

Again, I’m concerned about the rage that fills me, mother. That chasme brought forth such a heat of anger and hatred within me that I thought my armor would melt! Why do these creatures affect me so? The priests at the temple tell me it’s because of father’s condition, but I can’t help but feel that there’s more to it. I feel the rage, like the barbarian, but it’s different. He claims that his rage is a primal anger. Mine feels more divinely inspired. When I see a demon before me, threatening my friends, I feel a momentary touch of our Lord’s hand, such as when I meditate and pray for guidance.

I don’t know what it means, but I feel that my place in Lord Kelemvore’s Knights may not be entirely set. I feel that there’s more he will ask of me, yet I know not what it is. Pray for me, mother, that I might serve our Lord well and preserve the safety of my charges.

Love always,



nice, the letter to mom is a good touch!

Jericho's Log - Session #3
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