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Sindri's Log - Session 03

An A-MAZE-ing Adventure

The Setup

Master Terrin called us in the middle of mealtime to give us our next mission. This time he told us about a former Factum Vardis Timlen of the (ex-)Expansionists. He was thrown into a maze after he tried to kill The Lady of Pain, along with his legendary sword… which is what we are to retrieve.

Apparently the entrance to his personal maze has been well-known for some time, but the way out was only recently discovered. We need to get one of the plates of food presented to Vardis each day and follow a specific route to search for a secret door. Through that door we’ll find a portal whose key is the plate we recovered.

On our way!

We take care of a little shopping first. Vaclav really likes scaring the vendors here! And Arsyn enjoys helping to keep their stalls clean (what a nice guy!).

As we head towards the portal entrance we pass a large crowd with a condemned man on display. Apparently he was caught selling records and has been sentenced to death by Wyrm… not a fun sight. I know that judgements can be harsh for dastardly crimes, but I wouldn’t want to stick around to watch it unfold.

As we push through the crowd, Vaclav and Arsyn help to steady attendees that look like they’re going to fall over.

Enter the maze

The maze’s entrance is located in an inn. Jericho took one look at the demons that populate the inn and punched Vaclav! Weird!! Luckily we’re not here for too long or else Vaclav would seriously retaliate!

We are escorted to the maze’s portal and we step in (Terrin gave us a rose as the portal key). The first thing I notice about this maze is that it has a number of turns and is a bit hard to navigate around in, who would have thought?! I use some chalk to mark intersections so we can try to keep track of it, though I worry some might rub off when Vaclav urinates on them.

The statue

Eventually we come across a door and hear two voices on the other side. No one knows the language but Vaclav is able to hear them thanks to a quick spell. We decide to enter and see two Githyanki who suddenly attack us!

I try to pin one down under a mound of magical webbing, but he simply teleported right out of it! No fair! We proceed to gang up on one of them, then chase the other around the room until we finally catch him in a corner and take him out as well. One of them had fancy-shmancy plate armor which Jericho equipped right-away (without even cleaning it of Githyanki body odor!).

This room also had an empty bowl which we took for later.


We spend A LOT more time walking around the maze. We hit a few rooms, one had the bodies of the two Githyanki we killed (which was weird) and another human (also dead) that we had not seen before. A second room held some sleeping stuff.

Eventually we heard a voice talking to itself and ran across an old fellow with a sword. It was Vardis!! Lucky us! Arsyn convinced him to follow us to the exit where he would give us his sword in exchange for the way out. Back to the statue room!

On our way out

The Githyanki might have been a clue, but there were definitely others in here searching for Vardis and his sword. Seems like the way out had become more common knowledge than we knew.

On our way out we came across a bunch of gnolls led by some bug demon. I stuck a few with some more webbing and Arsyn threw out some darkness so they couldn’t see us to launch ranged attacks. He and Adolamin took point to prevent the gnolls from coming out of the darkness, but that didn’t stop the bug demon from stinking up the place with a nasty spell. Boo him! We were all coughing quite a fit!!

After we killed all of them we found the secret door easily enough. Arsyn took ahold of the sword while I opened the secret door… and was promptly met with a few spears in my face! A woman stood behind some cat-type creatures (I couldn’t get a good look due to the aforementioned spears) and demanded the sword from us. The nerve she had! She could have tried to find Vardis herself instead of setting up shop at the portal and waiting for others to do her dirty work for her!!

Arsyn tried to negotiate with her but it wasn’t working out too well. Eventually Jericho let his libedo get the best of him and decided to try to get the sword from us in order to get in her good graces. Apparently he next thought that Adolamin was a serious contender for her affections because he began punching him in the groin! Over and over again! It was crazy!


Vaclav threw out a darkness spell in the portal room and I quickly closed the door. We formulated a quick plan to rush into the room during the darkness and confusion and race into the portal. Arsyn took point since he could see in the darkness and guided us in.

Vaclav and I made it in first but we were quickly followed by the woman and one of the cat things. Vaclav took off claiming he had the sword and the woman suddenly sprouted wings and shed her disguise to reveal that she was a devil of sorts! Jericho will be so disappointed!

The rest of the group followed and we high tailed it out of there to meet back up at the 42nd Lancer’s headquarters. The devil-woman took off and Vardis also decided to go his own way. He eventually sent us a letter of thanks along with a nifty flask! I identified his sword to find out that the sword itself, while a decent magical weapon, was not an artifact after all. We handed it over and collected our reward for a job well done.

I’m sure the devil-woman has forgiven us and releasing Vardis to the modern-day populace will have no repercussions what-so-ever! I’ll make some notes of the maze to give to the Governors in case someone there is interested in The Lady of Pain’s traps.


Haha, hilarious read, I like the Guvner’s ever-happy take on events, partiulcarly the last paragraph!

Sindri's Log - Session 03
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