MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 04

Unmaiden Voyage

Rude Wakeup

Vox woke me up by banging on my door. At first I thought he might be having trouble with another late-night study session, then I remembered that it’s been a long time since we were at the university. It was then that I noticed another presence in my room! I quickly cast a light spell and saw Howlitzu, the devil we broke at the portal in Avernus. He had some of my clothes in one hand and a book in the other.

I told him to stop and he dropped my clothes but still tried to make off with the book. Vox then entered my room and decided to blast it all up to pieces!! He’s always been a bit rash. I attempted to wrestle my book back from the devil but he was very, very strong! Luckily Vox was able to get it back for me.

The noise caused quite a commotion and woke up almost the entirety of the 42nd Lancers. Vox spoke to Howlitzu and found out that he was trying to get the portal book (which I don’t have anymore) back to his master, Bel. He then convinced the devil to work for us (though I don’t believe the devil isn’t a spy) and Vaclav volunteered to take him as a servant.

The Setup

A few days later Master Terrin came to us with another task. Apparently there’s been rumors of an incursion on Sigil and the 42nd Lancers have decided to do something about it. A mission from within! We were presented to an aasimar archeologist by the name of Nevil Jarvin. He seemed like a pretty nice guy and told us a story about how he had discovered a broken down ship that could travel the planes. The bad news was that the ship was located in the 5th layer of Asheron, Amodeus (not to be confused with Asmodeus… which Jericho certainly did!!).

Our mission was to accompany Nevil to Amodeus, locate the ship and protect him from the inevitable onslaught of demons while Nevil attempts to gate the ship to his workplace. Once the ship is safe his researchers can break it down and transport it to Sigil for further study.

We accept (no choice!) and follow Nevil around Sigil until he reaches a sewer gate that serves as the portal to Asheron.

Jumping… is useful!

Asheron is such a weird place. I’ve never been here before! We found ourselves on a mote of floating rock and had to make our way from one to another to another. It was quite fun jumping from one to the next… however we eventually spotted a large group of demons searching for the ship (or us!). We all ran and ran and jumped and ran some more. Vox and Adolamin were the quickest with myself and Jericho taking up the rear.

We eventually outpaced the demons behind us, but were ambushed by some before we could jump to the next mote. The mote was moving away too, which meant we had only a limited time to mess around before we needed to jump across to it. Since I knew Jericho and myself would have a tough time slipping past them, I decided to make use of a new fly spell I had learned since our last mission and hopped aboard Jericho as he soared through the skies! He dive-bombed a few demons on the way but eventually we were all able to make it to the next spot of land… and to the ship!

Demon Lords are scary!

Nevil set up his gate rods around the ship and began working on the ritual to bring it to his place. I set up my standard combat box and waited for the demons to show up… but orcs and goblins showed up instead! Luckily the first wave stayed close together so that I could show off another new spell… fireball! We did a good job protecting Nevil and quickly dispatched the rest.

After they were defeated a horde of demons surrounded us! We could see their beady little eyes… until a howl roared through the air and a demon lord jumped into our camp! Adolamin, Jericho, Vaclav and Vox surrounded him while I shot spells from a distance. I cursed myself for not preparing some choice spells for this combat, but made due with the ones I had taken.

The demon lord had a lot of tricks up his sleeve. First he was able to knock attacks back with a shield, then he threw that off to sling a few spells around, finishing it up with a few chain whips that could attack people from a distance. We all hammered him as hard as we could until he eventually died. We grabbed anything of his that looked valuable and Nevil finished up his spell and transported us back to… the Outlands!

We waited around for a bit while Nevil’s men immediately began working on the taking the ship apart. Then we followed them into an outhouse and back to Sigil for our payment on another job well done!


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