MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Vaclav drinks a lot and saves the day!

Prison is not where I want to spend eternity

Vaclav’s mission is to drink

I wish I was a dwarf! How great it is to spend your afterlife drinking and drinking and fighting. Who knew those knee chewing buggers had such a great retirement plan. The drinks flow freely, the fights are friendly and the teabagging is epic. This might not be as good as using a brothel to travel, but it’s pretty close.

Of course come to find out that we weren’t supposed to be here, our acquisition target had managed to go to the wrong place. He instead was in a place called Carceri. I don’t understand why the gods need planes to imprison people. Its not like these people’s lives weren’t terrible already and then to punish them in an afterlife with no decent beer is a tragedy. Here friend dig this plot of land for your life, die and then sit in a crappy canyon with no fields drinking crappy beer. Pfie on the gods, I don’t need them and they don’t deserve all this worship.

We manage to find the trail of this Zeracook fella outside of town and some miserable little twit decides to rob us to cross a bridge. She wasn’t a bad sort so I tossed the coins behind her so we could all cross safely. I wonder if she went back to drink that terrible beer?
Carceri houses a wide variety of characters, we ran into a giantess and some sort of walking hyena. Although I don’t remember the hyena as I was asleep. What’s the point of having a hidden hut if you’re going to be stepping out of it in the middle of the night talking to strangers? I got plenty of rest so I was alright. The rest of F troop better learn to sleep when its time otherwise they won’t get away from trouble like me. It’s a good thing I’m here to keep them safe.

Eventually we came to the temple of Cryus. This was the home of a Titan who’s trying to stroke his ego by having an overly large home and having people worship it. He can’t be that great of a being if his home is in this crap hole Carceri. Luckily our quarry was inside and Cryus wasn’t.

Surprisingly they let us walk right on in. They even escorted us to a nice quiet sleep room. No distracting visions, no overly loud noises (well no noises to be honest). It would have been pretty good to get some sleep in here but Vox wanted out. Getting out turned out to be a pretty smart idea as were able to wander around the temple and find Zeracook. We managed to escape with a minor skirmish with the local staff and make it back in time for dinner.

I’m asking for all of our trips to start in the dwarven heaven!


mdg2238 Patticus

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