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Vaclav gets a servant and a new shiny!

We get to see some shyte!

Vaclav gets a servant and a new shiny!

I don’t know how it happens that even when we’re at rest we can’t get a moments peace. One moment I’m trying to tame the dragon thinking of Pareshka, and the next Sindri’s room is being blasted apart. I don’t know if Vox and he had a falling out or not, but books, papers and clothes were strewn higgledy piggledy. Quickly pulling my pants up, I peek around the corner into Sindri’s room to see him standing over a spinnagon threatening to beat it up with his book.

I like a good beat down as the next fellow and the way Sindri was winding up to wallop the spinnagon it was going to be epic, but the creature’s desperate plea to not be sent back to Bel touched a part of me. That part that knew having a desperate servant who feared what could happen to him very valuable. I’m tender like that and Hiletzu was desperate, my favorite! He swore fealty to serve me forever, so I think I’ll keep him.

Teryn called us the next morning to retrieve a boat. I’m not a sailor nor are the lancers shipwrights but we were the right choice to return with it. We were hired by some pretty boy, ‘blessed by the gods’. Neville Jarvin looks and talks like an ass. I don’t care how many words you use Neville, an ass is an ass is an ass, plus he smelled of perfumed soap.

The soap smell didn’t last long as we had to trudge through a sewer to get to the gate. What I want to know is how often I’m going to do these missions with shit tagalongs. It’d be a decent day when we can leave through a brothel and alehouse and the key to opening the gate is your manhood must be covered in women scent and the front of your shirt in alcohol vomit. But no me and my fellow turd herders trudged through the sewage to get to the icy fields of Amodeus.

I like the snow. It’s peaceful and quiet. Or it would be if Vox would quit singing. It passes the time. We get to the boat with some slight delays. Adolamin is trying to convince me that rocks don’t float everywhere and I call him a liar. You could see plain as day that they float everywhere here. He’s got nothing to say to that.

Eventually we find the boat but of course some shysters try to prevent us from getting away with it. We chase them away fairly easily but it’s the follow up that’s interesting. I’ve never seen any creature as knobby as this one, and the weapons he carried could’ve put a fright in any man. It took some time but I let him beat me up a bit while the party took him out. F troop recognized my brilliance in the fight by letting me have first choice in loot taking. And I took his big ol’ lightning sword. It changes size to the demands I ask of it, it slices, it dices and it takes out mooks with a single swing. I think I’m in love and will call it Pareshka…


mdg2238 Patticus

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