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Jericho's Log - Session #10

A horse of a different plane

Dear Mother,

I’ve found myself in a rather curious situation. A talking horse, of all things, has bequeathed a quest upon us to find her sister, who is being unjustly held by someone on the Prime Material plane. Adolamin hails from the Prime and I’ve been curious to experience it first-hand, so I happily agreed, as did the others. We shall receive no further compensation on this quest other than goodwill from the unusual creature, but the experience should provide its own rewards.

On a side note, I find myself eager to pursue the righting of this wrong. The idea of forced servitude is impossible for me to tolerate and that a Prime would have the audacity to enslave a creature solely for its uniqueness is deeply disturbing to me.

We are teleported to the Prime and follows horse tracks into the mountains. We encounter a shepherdess named Heela, who is entranced by Sindri and Vox and my “feyness”. Honestly, I’d never thought much of my heritage, or how unusual it might appear to others. Apparently these Primes are somewhat…insulated…from the curiosities of the greater universe.

The woman virtually worshipped us, which made me rather uncomfortable, and agreed to take us to a nearby town called Flockhaven. We stopped there and learned that a “MacHune” was the governor of the town. We also learn that a “MacDougal” likely is the captor of our quest objective. Perhaps these two humans are related, given the similarities of their names. Or perhaps there is no connection amongst these apparently simple people.

We’re directed towards MacDougal’s keep and trek along a river to where it ends in a “bog”. I’ve ventured into the Hells and the Abyss themselves, and I must say that I may rather spend eternity there than spend much more time in this “bog”. Sodden land, insects in droves, the sweet stench of rot, constant moisture, and a definitive lack of solid footing made me anxious to leave the place.

As distracted as I was by my unpleasant surroundings, I almost didn’t notice the trolls that launched themselves out of the vile waters around us until they were upon us. They are dangerous and vicious creatures, these trolls. My blade would cut them deeply, but they would regenerate the wounds almost as fast as I made them. It was as if the pain spurred them on! Fortunately, either Vox or Sindri recalled some lore about how fire could put the creatures down for good. They managed to finish off the trolls once we bested them and we moved on.

Thank the gods we got out of that bog and found ourselves in another forest. As we continued towards the keep we encountered a band of gnomes, not terribly different from our own Sindri. He parlayed with them a while and we found that they were playing tricks on the locals for their own amusement and during such playing they saw MacDugal leading a horse into his dungeons. This knowledge really rubbed me badly, mother. Dungeons are for punishment, not for the storage of innocent creatures! My mood soured as we continued to the keep.

Vox decided to try to sneak in and take the lay of the land. We all stayed outside and kept watch for several hours. Oddly, Vox didn’t return and I got concerned for my strange colleague. I approached the gates with the intent of using my military background to get us in. As it turns out, these people were also more interested in our “fey” nature than any authority I possessed.

We were met by a man named “Kaypol” who is a wizard of some kind. He treated us well, believing us to be lords of the Feywild. I remember thinking how deluded and simple these Primes must be. Alas, pride comes before the fall.

We were treated to a delightful spread of food and drink while we were treated like princes. We were so enamored with the hospitality that we didn’t think to check the food for poisons. At least, not until we blacked out…


mdg2238 ClanBattlerage

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