MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Adolomin's Log - Session 8/9

when you gaze long into the abyss

While we were in the bar a mysterious stranger showed up. He offered us a job to gather him some special razor vine but we had to decide to accept the mission right then. After accepting we were able to determine that he was an alchemist and was looking for an extra hardy version of the vine for study.

The mission took us to a town at the edge of the Outlands, by the plane of Chaotic Evil. We arrived at the butcher shop, witch was also to be our departure point.

We proceeded to the location of the portal to hell, witch was said to be where the vine in question grew. The portal was in the courtyard outside the governor’s mansion. There, with some false starts, negotiated to get a pass allowing us to gather some of the vine but it was to take till the next day.

Since we had to wait we decided to find an inn for the night, at which we heard that there was going to be a revolution that night due to the evil deeds of the current governor. Knowing that such a large upheaval would have a likely outcome of shifting the whole town into the abyss, we decided to try and recover the vine immediately.

Coming to the courtyard again we found a succubus surrounded by a group of guards and riling them up to aggressively suppress the riots. While most of us stayed nearby, the mage and bard snuck over to the portal while invisible to gather the vine and once accomplished, flew away by spell. While that was happening one of our members was effected by the succubus and ended up chasing another one off.

After splitting up we were able to meet back up at our intended departure point at the butcher’s shop where we discovered that the portal was no longer functioning, thus indicating that the slide was already in progress. Deciding that we had to do something to stop the slide we decided to head back to the governor’s mansion.

We discovered there that the rioters had somehow killed the governor and that the guards were thought the town fighting the rioters. We attempted to setup one of the guards as a new governor and set off to quiet the riots.

We weren’t having much success but did discover the succubus leading the guards to attack the villagers. After a fierce battle the succubus fled and we gave chase. After a while we ended up back outside the governor’s mansion which was now barricaded and under siege by the rioters. Deciding we needed to get inside and without using the heavily guarded front door, we searched around and found a side entrance that had thus far remained unnoticed.

We entered into an empty kitchen. We the proceeded into the adjoining dining room where we found the servant’s wing and a secret passage in the fireplace. There was one other door the lead to the foyer and had a large daemon guarding it, we left that for latter.

The fireplace secret passage led down a hallway that we found (and tripped) a poison dart trap. This hallway ended in a large room. The room had a floor puzzle triggered trap that shut the door and filled the room with fire… we set that off a couple of time before figuring it all out. This room had a tile that opened up a passage through the floor to the treasure room.

We found several magic items and a pile of gold that we gathered in this room. We noticed that this room lead off into a cavern with a shrine to an evil deity. We attempted to desecrate the shrine but not sure how successful it way. We then went back to the dining room.

We decided to lead the rioters back through the kitchen entrance into the foyer to distract the guards. They distracted most of the guards as we made our way to the top floor rooms where we discovered some torture rooms, where we rescued a survivor, and the library. We then killed the guards, minus the big daemon that wandered off, to leave the rooms.

We discovered two towers that lead to the roof and discovered the succubus with several other daemons.,


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