MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 10

Friendship is Magic

The Setup

So we’ve just recently gotten back from our exploits in the Outlands and are having a jolly good time at the local pub. We head out after last call and stumble down a few alleyways when all of a sudden a mote of light starts wavering about in the air. Just when we’re about to brush it off as some aftereffects of the ale we’ve been drinking, it opens up into a portal and a pale grey horse with a golden mane leaps out of it! We could also chalk that up to the ale but considering that I’m not ending my log here, you know that at least part of this was real.

The horse speaks to us and says that she is a daughter of Epona. She requests our aid in locating her sister who recently disappeared on a jaunt to the prime material plane. She isn’t able to pay but offers us the friendship of her and her own in exchange for our help. We readily agree and she takes us, one at a time, through a portal to the prime material plane.

The horse leads us from their frolicking site to a river where she last tracked her sister. We take the lead in the investigation from here as she portals away to her home.

It’s good to be a fey-folk

Adolamin takes point and begins looking for tracks, but doesn’t find any. However as he is the only one among us that has come from the prime material plane we decide to follow his lead.

We continue down the river for some time and eventually come across a shepherdess by the name of Gylla. She is enchanted by our fey-folk nature (it’s a good thing the two non-fey of our party weren’t around!) and kindly offers us food and lodging at her place for the night… it’s only know that we realize just how long we’ve been awake.

Gylla doesn’t know about the horse we’re looking for but gives us information about the area. There’s a town named Flockhaven ruled by the McDugall family and headed by a Governor Crista McHewn. There is also a keep nearby where the McDugalls live, however between us and it is a bog filled with trolls and a haunted forest.

Trolling around

In the morning we head back to the river and continue to follow it into the bog. Our destination being the keep where we feel we might be able to get some information about the horse. We continue through the bog stumbling once when Jericho gets stuck in some quicksand (it’s all that heavy armor of his) and again when a troll, half hidden in the marsh, springs up to attack us! He bellows a lot which attracts two more of his kin but we’re able to put them down and ensure they stay down with a bit of fire on their corpses.

We hear the distant howls of more trolls and decide it’s time to make a break for it through the bog. Luckily we don’t encounter any more quicksand and are able to safely enter the haunted forest… joy. However we soon discover a pack of gnomes and I’m more than happy to talk to them. They tell me that they’re the ones that are pulling gags on the local humans and causing the rumor of the haunted forest. We all have a pretty good laugh about it. They also tell us that McDugall led a horse bearing a similar description to the one we are searching for into his keep. We press on through the forest, determined to see this through.

Locked up

We appraise the keep when we get there and notice only a single way in and guards at the post. We’re unsure of what to do so Vox volunteers to make himself invisible and scout around. We wait patiently for almost two hours before deciding that he either found some ale, women or both.

Jericho takes the lead and we approach the front gate. He summons a pretty authoritative voice and requests quarter for all of us and a meeting with McDugall. The guards and Kay-paul, the wizard, are impressed by our being fey-folk and eagerly lead us in to their main hall. We’re given food and drink but I can’t seem to get any information about the horse from them.

That’s when it hits us… whatever poison they used to make us fall asleep. The next thing I know I’m waking up on a cold stone floor and listening to Vox’s lute!


mdg2238 Kainsin

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