MDGs Planescape Game - Devils, Demons, and Bureaucrats

Sindri's Log - Session 11

Jailhouse Rock

The Jailbreak

We awoke on the cold stone floor of the keep’s dungeon. Vox was keeping the prisoners entertained with his lute, but it wasn’t long until we knew we needed to make an escape. I use some innate conjuration magic I had learned to summon a set of lock picks for Vox to use to break us out. He’s able to open the cages for me, himself and Jericho but has some trouble with Vaclav‘s and Adolamin’s. I try to use a teleportation spell to rescue Vaclav but am immediately hit by what I can only assume is a dimensional anchor and it prevents me from getting into his cell.

Meanwhile, another prisoner named Bob (who claims he is an assassin) really wants to be let out and starts banging around in his cell to summon the guards if he doesn’t get his way. Unfortunately for us the guards do come in to investigate the noise and aren’t too happy when they see us there. I quickly summon a number of smoke mephits to get in their way while we try to figure another way out of this dungeon.

Vaclav is able to break out of his cell and throws down an area of darkness over the guards which helps buy us time. Jericho is able to extract Adolamin and then runs to the nearest door only to find out that it leads to a torture chamber.

The upstairs that never was

We take another exit from the dungeon and find ourselves in a wine cellar (Vaclav is super happy about that). Beyond that lies a storeroom with a dumbwaiter and an older man loading it up. We commandeer the dumbwaiter and after a couple mis-steps in its use we’re able to use it to go up to the upper floor. Vox takes the lead on that since he can turn himself invisible and has a knack for talking his way out of embarrassing situations. Our goal is to circle around the guards and find our stuff to get out of here.

Vox comes back a little while later and looks slightly perturbed. I ask what’s wrong but he can only respond in faint whispers about how the upstairs is a circular-enclosed space where one cannot maintain any sense of direction. It seems completely closed off from any other entry point besides the dumbwaiter itself.

Mages and walls

Left with only one option, we head back into the dungeon and release the other prisoners in order to confront the guard. Unfortunately the other prisoners proceed in the opposite direction and start getting drunk… leaving the guards to us.

We’re able to defeat the guards on this floor but after a time the grand wizard of the keep makes an appearance. He casts a number of spells I have only heard mention of in my readings and is able to imprison Adolamin and Vaclav behind a wall of force. My mephits quickly fall to his ice magic but Vox and Jericho are able to smack him around enough to get him to teleport away before he dies.

We find our stuff in one of the rooms! Continuing to search the area before heading upstairs (where Vaclav had noticed a lot more guards) we find the horse we’re looking for! Now we just have to get her out of this mess somehow…


mdg2238 Kainsin

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